What devices support Audiosink

Hi everyone im wondering what the options are to get openhab to give voice/sound feedback? What are you all using to solve this

so it can play sounds like an alarm say stuff like happy birthday, welcome home, goodbye, goodnight

Just a discussion at the moment interested in all the solutions, I don’t own any devices at the moment too solve this although I do run kodi and an old yamaha AVR (no networking)

My requirement is that the solution is small and reasonably priced (is the echo like devices the only solution or can you use stuff like Bluetooth speakers)

Also how does the audio sync on kodi work

One of the reasons I purchased and am playing with the Google AIY Voice kit is so I can send messages and alerts and have it speak them in the family room. I’ve not played with Echos or real Google Homes so I don’t know what is available there, though IIRC it is not possible to do so using Alexa.

Look at the Audio and Voice section of the docs and look around the forum for TTS postings and it should get you started.

hi again rich and thanks for the reply, so its not as simple as something like a bluetooth speaker i do like both the echo and google home but the main thing is im trying my hardest too keep my system offline so it doesent rely on cloud servers thats why i used hue and tp link sockets as these work offline

ok that google voice is not google home i have never heard about it before

You will either need to prerecord your audio messages or install and configure a Text To Speech engine that runs locally to create the spoken word audio. There is some discussion on that in the Audio and Voice docs and in the TTS postings.

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i will have a read and post again thanks rich

so using webaudio i could send audio too my device that is running habpannel
and using kodi’s sync i could send audio too kodi

Any “Audio Sink” that is recognised by PaperUI should be able to recieve audio streams.

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in my audio sink drop down box i have 3 different kodi instances 2 system speakers and a webaudio

i can get kodi too play a sound using the playSound(“doorbell.mp3”) & speak using the say(“Hello”) command i installed the marytext how do you do this for habpannel

What devices support audiosink

HABPANNEL? (docs say you can)


@opus google home mini ? (looks possible using chromecast binding), (I would prefer too add a Google home than an echo for use with kodi voice commands)

bluetooth speakers?

@rlkoshak could you explain more about the google speaker you mentioned what does it do how does it work is it just a speaker that you can add too OH are there other solutions

I’m using Sonos boxes (not cheap :tired_face:) I have played around with Chromecast Audio but stayed with Sonos, although with Chromecast cheap (active) boxes could be used.

I’m using a HABPanel Dashboard in order to send a string converted to an Audio stream (VoiceRSS) to a selected box.
See code in here
However HABPanel is only a way to SHOW the controls, the functionality is possible with other UIs (although I’m not sure how make a Text-Input control on a sitemap)

Yh I’m not going to be investing in any Sonos devices I personally think they are too expensive

As I already run a old 5.1surround sound with speakers that I’m happy with I don’t think it’s worth the investment for a wireless alternative

Google home or chromeaudio sounds good

Are you saying habpannel can only send commands too bespoke not speak them itself

No, what I tried to say is that I use HABPanel just as a method to show the controls, the functionality (Converting a text to an Audio stream and sending an Audio stream to a Speaker) is independant to the used UI.

Another example: Using any kind of presence detection you can use a simple rule that is triggered by the Item showing the presence to play a welcome-jingle or say a welcome text. All without using any UI.

A sueezebox player can be controlled by OH so a much cheaper option than a Sonos…

I’m thinking of adding a Google home mini

Any ideas if you can connect them to OH

Iv been looking through posts but they are very long I see some stuff about using the hue emu

tl;dr: It’s a DIY Google Home lacking some features of a “real” Google Home but provides the ability to add your own commands fairly easily, and you can insert it into a custom case, in my case an old replica cathedral radio I picked up a thrift shop.

But it is definitely not cloud free. Hot word detection (i.e. “Hey Google”) take place locally but everything else including the text to speech takes place in the cloud.

There isn’t one.

There is work underway to build a Google Home Binding, but the last I saw there is a problem on Google’s side that is preventing it from being complete.

Since Google Home supports Hue, some people use Hue Emulation to make OH look like a Hue Hub.

If you go the AIY Voice route like I’m taking you can easily code your own commands (that was one of the main points of the kit).

If you have an Android Phone with Tasker and AutoVoice installed, you can create shortcuts in Google Home to trigger AutoVoice commands which in turn trigger Tasker tasks to send commands to OH (see the link above). However, this integration ends up requiring your phone as the go between.

I think they have removed this feature from the GH and it no longer works with the Hue emulation

I have brought a mini and set it up for audiosink