What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?

(Lukas Pindl) #122

Just posted a bit about my sound system:
Would love to hear some feedback on it.

Also: Are any of you interested in a 5€ DIY Reed/Magnet Window contact using an esp8266. I poured a lot of time in that project (hardware + software) and if people are interested in it, I might take some more time to document it and make it openly available.

(Mikaël) #123

Nice post !
Which weather source/binding/widget do you use ?

(Michael Cumming) #124

interested in the door/window sensor!

(Michael Cumming) #125

Would you have a link to the cases you are using - I looked on their website but could not located them

(Garrett Porter) #126

Today my wife got stuck in after school traffic at a nearby high school.

From now on, openhab/nodered will push a notification to our phones if we leave the house during school release times reminding us to avoid school zones.

(martiniman) #127

Here it is, about 0,5$ - Blanca - BLNRK000011

(Michael Cumming) #128

Thank you, can’t find that version for North Ameraica :frowning:

(Morten Vinding) #129

Okay not today, but I just finished it yesterday.

Embedding a sOnOff basic with added touch control into each of ours nightlamps.

I was tiered of having to get out of bed when the wife felt asleep with her light on.
I also hate those small stupid switches on the wire, you can’t find when you need to turn the lamp on.

Now I just need to find a good way to mark the touchpoint, currently marked with duct tape on the picture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also Tasmota reacts to the release of the button, nothing you will normally notice. But with a button with no feedback (touch button), it’s unintuitive that it doesn’t react when you push the button.

(dalibor) #130

Not quite built or automated, but I got a picture :slight_smile:
I purchased one micro server gen10 on holiday sale to be used as NAS/media storage for home videos, movies and music. Installed unraid on it, and bunch of docker containers that automate media organization and playback (plex and “the usual”). It is a small part of a bigger plan. Quite small actually, 23x23x25 cm, fits nicely in a book shelf (until I find some rack that suits me). I know gen8 could be upgraded and more powerful, but for a home nas this works just fine.

(rsemmens) #131

Great to see other unraid users about, I have used it for years. I recently setup a VM for my better half to use for gaming.

(Simon Thorsted) #132

can or will you please post the telegram rule you used for sending picture ?

(Holgi) #133

Hello Simon,

I just copied and pasted the example from the binding:

The picture I used is from a webcam, it has a HTTP interface which shows the current picture.


(Morten Vinding) #134

Regarding the release button issue.
Turns out that Tasmota already has a solution to that (just shows how flexible Tasmota is). SetOption13 is my friend here:

Enable button single press only for immediate response. Disable by holding 4 x SetOption32

(Christoph) #135

Hello all,

I use the following:

  • 15 IKEA Trädfri Bulbs
  • Some TP-Link Wifi Plugs
  • Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot
  • Panasonic VIERA SmartTV
  • DENON Ceol picolo Hifi
  • Homematic IP floor heating thermostats HMIP-BWTH with Homematic CCU2
  • Google Home Mini
  • Astro Binding
  • Weather Binding
  • Tankerkönig Binding
  • Telegram Integration

Some Impresions of my Sitemap (Andrpoid App)

Dashboard: (still working on it)

(Roel) #136

I’ve spent some time on finally putting my wall panels to work around the house.
Using HABpanel the first screens are coming together nicely.
Active screen selection is managed through Node-red making sure the wall panels are showing the most relevant screen at any point in time.

Fireplace screen:

Xiaomi Roborock S50 vacuum control:

Alarm control:

Live weather view:


Work in progress… more to come

p.s. enormous credits go out to the makers of “Matrix Theme” and “HABpanel reloaded” as is have combined bits of their CSS into my HABpanel setup.

(Maurits) #137

Nice dashboards !

Questionable music choice tough :wink:

(Roel) #138

Haha spotify never stops to amaze me when it comes to the random playlists :slight_smile:

(dalibor) #139

nice dashboards! could you share how tablets fit into wall/enterier?

(Ben) #140

Would you mind sharing these very nice looking buttons?

(Hilbrand Bouwkamp) #141

These icons are from “Habpanel reloaded”