What is your favorite heating regulation system for OH?

Hey there,
i just bought some heating regulators for my Fritzbox(DECT).
I think the system can be combined with openhab but the problem is that the System reacts very slow since the regulators communicate with the Fritzbox only every fifteen minutes for power saving purposes.
what systems are you happy with that respond faster to temperature differences work well with openhab?
i’m planning for about ten regulators so the cost of these sensors is a major issue.
I accept only systems without external cloud storage.

I CANNOT recommend this thermostats:

They have many features, are verya cheap and can be integrated very good via zigbee2mqtt in your smart home.

But the predefined programs are a pain in the a**. :angry:

The thermostats regulate them self by de/increasing the valve position by 5% each 15 minutes.


You have to program some workarounds to prevent them from being 100% open when the central heating of your home starts in the morning., because they would take 6 hours to decrease the valve position from 100% to 0% after they reached the set point.

But maybe I am using them wrong. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your advice!
Is the quoted Thermostat TS0601 the same as
“Tuya ZigBee3.0 Smart Radiator Actuator”
you can order from Ali…?

I guess.

But I do not know.

Mine look like these:

If you already have ZigBee, you could order one and check them for yourself.

The Shelly TVR look promising.
But they are brand new and quiet expansiv.

From my Tuya switches i know that they communicate with a chinese server so do your Thermostats also connect to cloud?
haven’t worked with zigbee yet.

I use Moes/Tuya valves with zigbee2mqtt.
All you need is to control the force property to manual open/close the valve.

From zigbee2mqtt documentation:

If all you need is to control on and off, you can set “force” with topic zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set . The payload values are:
open → fully opens valve and stays there
close → fully closes valve and stays there
normal → normal valve operation

No, ZigBee only communicates with your ZigBee-Hub.
There is no direct connection to the internet/cloud.

At the moment I use Force=close only to prevent the thermostats to heat to much.
During the day I think the implemented algorithm is good enough at keeping a constant room temperature by opening the valve to a specific percentage rather than 100% (Force=open) or 0% (Force=close).
Why should I program my own heating algorithm when the smart thermostats already have one?

By I will look into it.

I use it in conjunction with a gas heater so I allready use an on/off aproach for heating to control the gas heater.
Why I don’t use the algorithm of the thermostat?

  1. I don’t like that the temperature sensor is close to the radiator, I know that you can compensate this in the thermostat settings but I still don’t like it.
  2. I want to control all the heating, ventilation, cooling and so on from a central location.
  3. I have a better control of the temperature.

I’m using the ones from Homematic (Homematic IP Wall Thermostat with switching output – for brand switches - Homematic IP). Not the cheapest ones, but so far fairly happy with them.

Integration into openHAB described here: Integration of Homematic Thermostat HmIP-BWTH into openHAB

I am using the Moehlenhoff Alpha2 system in my newly built home. There is an XML interface, with a rule and the transform service it integrates nicely and reliable.

Homematic IP is a hassle to use with OH, they even require to run another CCU.
You wouldn’t want to do that if you don’t own them already.
Also I think the OP is not looking for this but for what the English call a TRV (“thermostat radiator valve”).

Before looking for devices you should take a break and think about your architecture and your requirements (also search the forum, there’s a number of threads on heating in general).
First thing you should make up your mind on is whether you want to have a system that works autonomously, too (and that you can override from OH) in case your OH goes down.
Can you and do you want to do the open-close programming yourself?
If so, where do you want to get the temperatures from, do you need a thermometer to come with each valve or can you get temps elsewhere ?
For example if you do the programming yourself and have enough temperature sensors around anyway, you could even use dumb thermoactive valves used in underfloor heating (12€).
Another thing to think of is power. Are you ok with changing batteries ? Do you have mains or 5VDC power sources in range ?
Do you need additional functions like close-valve-on-opening-a-window included ?
It also depends on how your heater and pumps are controlled. Do they supply 24/7 or do you have to control them, too, coordinating pumps with valve opening ?

Thanks for your recommendation!
after trying the fritz box dect system I have decided after your comments to send them back.
also I have heard about a new open standard called “matter” for which the first devices should be produced in 22 so I’ll wait for more information about this promising system.
And when it’s adopted widely i’m sure someone will be so kind to program a solution that communicates mit openhab.
Thanks for all the other answers too!

I have 14 zones in my house all with 3 wired thermostats in each room, these are connected to a central control box that controls the underfloor heating actuators for each zone. I updated my room thermostats and made them myself with a sonoff basic with a dht 11 sensor wired into the spare gpio. These cost me around £10 each and have worked flawlessly in that last 24 months. I have additional cheap zigbee temperature sensors in each room to give me an average room reading and then use openhab rules to control the set temp of 21c. Never had a problem and at a fraction of the cost.

Smart and cheap way to get ESP8266 functionality where you’ve only got AC power!

What’s the light grey cable doing in this photo?

Has anyone recommendations for cheap zigbee thermostats?
I bought three of the plasticky Tuya ones in China for testing purposes but I don’t know how long they will last including the batteries. any better suggestions?

Can you share your .thing file for tuyaTS0601?

Tried them in their original app first and didn’t integrate into OH so I can’t provide you with a thing file.
As I feared they are not built sturdy enough. Two of my 4 battery lids are broken and I have to repair if possible. Meanwhile I tried a thermostat called TV01 and it seems to be made very good. Even has a metal screw to connect :smile:

In case you have the same cheap Tuya thermostat as I, you can print replacement parts.

My lid broke, too and I created this (plate and lid).
It actually feels sturdier that before. :smile:

That’s so great! Vielen Dank! I just thought about this solution too but this is a real timesaver! :smile: