What rules or solution have you added or modified as a result of lockdown?

Hi all,
I found that after only a short time that a new scene was required tor my home.
Let me provide some background, my presence detection relies on google WIFI interaction with IFTTT when our phones drop out of the cache a IFTTT action occurs to inform Openhab that the phone owner is no longer at home and the reverse is true when their phone connects to the WIFI.
Many of my homes smartness revolves around a person being at home, such as humidity levels, temperature of rooms, lighting etc… We find that Google WIFI some times get updates that screws with the cache somewhat and results in people dropping off the WIFI and reconnecting frequently, this has dire consequences to the home credibility particularly when we are all pretty much forced to be at home 24/7.

Along came the need for a presence override scene. This essentially says even if the person is not showing as home act as if they were, This has been great and has been added to the other three scenes we already had, vacation Mode, School Holiday Mode and Guest Mode.
I tis actually quite close to Guest mode but it completely covers the whole house not just common areas and the guest bedroom.

In summary, I had a new presence override scene what have you folks found is needed for the new environment?



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I really don’t have anything new I’m doing or plan to do. My wife works from home so it was rare for the house to be unoccupied anyway. Simply closing the door is sufficient to indicate when one of us is in a meeting or reaching a lesson so there is no need for something special with a light like some people are using.

And frankly, I have less time now than I did before to do home automation as I’m doing IT support for network issues, zoom problems, and getting homework done and submitted on time.

Over all though, the back that I’ve not had anything new to add to my home automation is a sign that I’ve done a good job so far for it family.


Thanks for posting this, I have been inspired to do a little job that’s been on my mind for months.

Phase 1 was completed today, I’ll try to get phase 2 complete tomorrow…

I’ll provide pictures and let you all work out why I’ve done it… :wink:


So I’m not saying that my wife and I aren’t keen on using the same toilet too soon after each other but…

When in use…

With a slow crossfade to this…

Followed by a slow fade out

(Wall paper is going on as soon as we finish stripping and preparing the rest of the landing / hallway)

Like Rich… We´re just closing the door to indiciate when we´re working… I did had an idea of making an automate system, which will close the door to my home office 30 seconds before next skype/Teams meeting is starting… But since I happen to forget my coffee/tea just before meeting starts, I decided to use the manual way :smiley:

I´m on vacation from tomorrow for a few weeks, after having worked from home the latest three weeks… So I guess my biggest problem now, is to figure which room to visit in my vacation :rofl:


Yes I will be on leave all next week so not quite sure what I want to do, I may pursue one of my other hobbies such as genealogy. As someone that is vulnerable I have been locked down for a few weeks already prior to the lockdown officially starting.

Over the past few days, I tackled a number of openHAB-related projects that have been on my to-do list for varying lengths of time:

  • Rebuilt OH on an RPi4 with a fresh install of openHABian
  • Added OpenWeatherMap to OH
  • Converted my RPi3 into a Pi-hole ad blocker
  • Installed CUPS on the RPi3 to enable network access to my 10-year-old USB laser printer
  • Added the IPP binding to OH to detect when a print job is queued in CUPS, turn on the printer, and then turn it off after a period of time has elapsed without any further prints.

Of these things, I’m most satisfied with the printer, which has been on my list for a long time. CUPS was easy, but I spent hours trying to get the printer driver working and was just about to give up when I found a blog post explaining the exact solution that I needed.

Forthcoming isolation projects are to rewrite my thermostat rules to enable an automatic mode based on the outside temperature (from OpenWeatherMap) and to figure out a solution to the openhab user not having a password so that I can update the tutorial for a reboot/shutdown (and get it working again on my system).

I also want to start learning JSR223 in the near future, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.

I might also try to firebomb a 5G cell tower, just in case it turns out that the conspiracy theorists are right.

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One of my coworkers lives in an apartment with a balcony that has doors to both the living room and bedroom. So she makes a point of “walking to work” and “walking home” by taking the balcony route.

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Hehe, yes… We have to have a clear distance between home and work :smiley:

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