What tablet for a wall dashboard

What Android tablet can you advise me for a wall dashboard?
The best tablet for me should be wall-mountable, powered with AC and without battery and with an ethernet connection in addiction to the Wi-Fi one.
Could you help me please?

There is no such thing. I have never seen nor heard of a tablet that doesn’t have a battery and has a wired network connection. Such a device wouldn’t be called a tablet.

I’ve seen a number of builds that use a touch screen connected to a small board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) which might suite your needs. But I don’t think you will find anything prebuilt that will suit your needs.

I had a 2012 nexus 7 modded with a Qi charger on it.

the charger was behind a wall plate and the table velcroed on. Only drawback was the tablet had to be lined up well for it to charge and with the screen on it still used more juice than it could supply.

I just used tasker to turn the screen off at night and charge it back up again.


I’ve seen some Ipads with frames that could be mounted but it wasn’t cheap.


Yeah Nexus 7 2013 would be choice tablet…

In terms of what you are looking for maybe you should look at the raspberry pi and their new touch screen?

Thank you very much!
I will look at some panel PC or at the new Raspberry PI touch screen.

I have a normal Tablet with a wallmount and a cable running to it.
This works surprisingly well.
But I have another problem that I have to manually refresh the openhab webpage sometimes to get the actual values.
Do you guys have this problem, too?

I have a lenovo A7-30 mounted on the wall. I got a clear plastic case for it, then I took 4 small wood counter screw and screw it to the wall and then stuck my tablet into the case.

For power supply I got one of those tiny 230V to 5vdcc supply(if someone knows about some with screw terminal let me know) then hooked it up to a flat micro usb. I had to cut of the normal usb and solder the + and - to the powersupply and then hid it in the wall behind the case.

I am considering milling out space for the tablet in the wall, I just need to figure out if I want to change it to 10 inch tablet or not first…

The openHAB apps might be a bit better in terms of updating states/values.

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That’s what I’ve thought but I was proven wrong.
Especially after upgrading a sitemap, a reload is inevitable.
Also it has problems displaying rendered charts from rrd4j.
It would be nice to have an “autorefresh” feature with a defined intervall.

'[quote=“Spaceman_Spiff, post:6, topic:7699”]
But I have another problem that I have to manually refresh the openhab webpage sometimes to get the actual values.

It’s a known problem with one of the frameworks OH 1 relies on. It is fixed in OH 2.

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I have 4 2011 Nexus 7’s. One in a picture frame I got at hobby lobby. I
solderer on a 5v power cable to the pogo pins to keep it as slim as
possible. The Other three are in the slim asus docks that were offered as
an accessory. They all run the openHAB app along with Android Daydream
mode (which our app has code to support properly), so they dim very very
low with a clock, but you can touch the screen to wake up. I have not had
any issues with this setup.

I also got a Asus Nexus (2013) recently, I want to wall mount it. But for me the ideal scenario is that I can also pick it from the wall, so I want a wireless charger and around it a frame in which I can click or slide the tablet.

I’m afraid something like that doesn’t exist yet, and I have to model something to get 3d printed.

How about a Amazon Kindle?
I guess it would be possible to change the OS to any other Android?
(Sorry, did not use an Adroid yet)

Sibo make a good range of tablets for wall mounting and support POE.

Have you tried any or any info?
Looks okay if the price is okay.

I think I’m gonna try one of the chinese tablets, like Chuwi Hi8.
I like the idea of installing wireless charger to its back.

Also, I’m gonna try to DIY a magnet wall mount, like this one. This way I will have a normal working tablet + wall mounted charger :slight_smile:

I did not like that it only supported Android 4.4, so I ended up ordering 21 10" tablets that support Android 5.1.1.

which ones mate?


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My solution is Hisense Sero 7. It costs just 60€ in EU and has nice white face without any text, so that it looks more expensive, than it is. I have 3 of those. To overcome problem with OH update I use Commandfusion iViewer app with MQTT which is very reliable, fast and allows custom GUI.
As USB Power Supply US iPhone charger is a perfect one - it has ability to screw the wires to it and itself very compact. To hide USB cable I used microusb from wireless charger.
Finally mounting was based on magnet holders from Fire alarm sensors.