What tablet for a wall dashboard

(Nathan Stratton) #21

Looked at it, but I wanted a newer version of Android.

(Artyom Syomushkin) #22

Sorry for stupid question - why? Tablets of such price segment anyway are only good enough to be used as wall panels, where Android version is really irrelevant.

(Nathan Stratton) #23

Well I have 21 tablets, one for each major room and I also use them as an intercom. There are changes in Lollipop that fixed multicast packets to make that work. On top of that Lollipop adds a bunch of new features and many of them are great for wall tablets.

(joshpond80) #24

Did you buy off Alibaba? I’ve never tried buying off there.
I like the bigger size too, doesn’t appear to look as good wall mounted compared to the other ones but still looks neat enough.

Thanks Josh

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(Scott Radner) #26

Considering a similar installation, thanks for the info. I know it’s probably early on for a review, but when you have some conclusions, @sipvoip could you please share your experience with the device?

(Nathan Stratton) #27

I like them a lot, have them in almost every room and it’s a great size and being PoE makes it a clean install. It sticks out from the wall a little and initially I did not like that, but it really helps with audio and is growing on me. They are rooted so you have complete control of the device as well.

(joshpond80) #28

Really appreciate the info too. How did you mount them to the wall? I see they have a vesa mount but like you said it would stick out of the wall a little.

I wonder if they have a recessed wall box mount thingy.

Thanks Josh

(Le Gal) #29

Hello sipvoip, how did You organise intercom solution?

(Fastcar550) #30

I really like imperihome running on a Verizon VK815. The tablet is sub 100 dollars. If you are willing to repair them I bought 6 at 25 dollars each with cracked screens. I then order the replacement screens for 50 dollars. I ending up with 6 really nice tablets at 75 dollars each. I mounted them with command strips and have a micro usb with a 90 degree angle pointing at the wall so the power line is hidden well enough. I found many LTE tablets sell for a reasonable price and work just fine as wifi. The VK815 was given out as a promotion so there are many of them out there.

Edit: I have now shifted exclusively to HabPanel with Fully Kiosk Browser. It is easier to customize and edit from a computer then push changes and updates.

(Nathan Stratton) #31

VESA mount

nathan stratton

(Joost Scholte) #32

@Artyom_Syomushkin Do you have some pictures of your set up?

I have bought a Xioami MiPad2 9inch tablet with retina display. Only €150 :slight_smile:
But i am still breaking my brain how to connect it to power. First i wanted to add a 10000 powerbank to the back and charge that once in a while. But building a construction for it isn’t my thing. Also a big problem is finding a nice USB C power connector for the tablet. I would like to it to be as invisible as possible.

And then the wallmount… i thought of magnetic holders.

(Artyom Syomushkin) #33

Hi Joost, my tablets currently looking like this(right click to view image to see bigger size):

I have USB charger behind, and tablets are fixed on magnetic holders, used for fire alarm sensors. The USB connector is from wireless charger - they are quite small and have 90° angle.
PS to make it clear - I dont have wireless charging. I have created a USB cable using this:
buy wireless charger (available on ebay for few bucks). Be sure to select right connector and angle direction - they can be inverted.

And then cut the connector from it and solder it on standard USB to receive following cable(be aware not to mess the polarity as it is printed wrong on charger):

It’s flat and with right connector angle and almost invisible. Would be great to get such cable ready-made, but where those Chinese guys, when you need them most?
Then I used Apple A1385 USB charger to put it into wall, as it has M3 holes on end, is really, really small, reliable and has worldwide voltage range - this charger is art of engineering in my mind - genius Apple.
So you get following picture (yes, Apple charger is all there. Do you see it?)

And finally applied magnetic holders above and below wall opening. Some cutting was needed as 7" tablet is too small. Don’t throw away those cuts, as you will need them! So the construction behind tablet looks as follows :

Glue the counter-pieces on the tablet and you’re almost done. There is one trick. If you don’t do it, the tablet will slide down on those magnets. So what you will need is to glue the cutted piece on top of the lower counter-part, so that it would hook over lower wall magnet piece. Then tablet will not slide down anymore and will stay there bombenfest.

(Joost Scholte) #34

Wow, that looks awesome. Thanks for the explanation and pictures. I know where to get the magnetic holders for extremely low cost. Namely at ACTION. :slight_smile:

And… No i don’t see the charger. Where is it :smiley:
Also you are very lucky to have a power outlet point directly behind your tablet. I also have solid walls but no way to get power behind the tablet. :cry:

(Artyom Syomushkin) #35

I’m not lucky. This is a new home, so I asked my electrician to put 230V in all places, where I wanted to have my smart devices. These ones are located at the places where you normally put room thermostats.
And also, yes. I asked him to put everywhere deeper wall outlets (I think it 65mm instead of standard 55mm), so that I would have not problems with installation of Z-wave modules behind sockets and switches.
PS updated instruction a bit.

(Joost Scholte) #36

That is any guys dream, to be able to choose the power outlets where you want them.
I ordered two USB C IQ wireless chargers (one for safety :slight_smile: ) on eBay and since my tablet has USB C the angle doesn’t matter.
I found very nice magnets on the XVIDA site. Its a Slovenian company.
So magnets and powercable is covered. Only thing is getting power to the place of the tablet. I have several options but i want the option that is the least work :joy:

Is there a specific reason why you have your tablet in portrait orientation?

(Artyom Syomushkin) #37

Yes, there is USB connector and holes for SD Card and Phone Jack on that bottom edge. Therefore I rotated the tablet to make it less visible. With other tablets rotation might be different.

(Christian) #38

I bought the same tablet. Unfortunatelly Daydream aka screensaver does not work. Does it work on your tablets or how do you standby your screens?

(Nathan Stratton) #39

Nope, have the same issue.

(Christian) #40

Ok, but are your displays always on? Do you adjust brightnes over night?

I’ll try to force screensaver after some time idle with tasker …