What tablet for a wall dashboard

(Christian) #41

I was able to fix this issue without much effort: MacroDroid

As soon as the screen goes off, Daydream starts, display turns on and is set to never sleep.

As soon as you touch the display, Daydream stops and the the idle time for the screensaver is set back to the desired time.

(Nathan Stratton) #42

Cool, I will give it a try.

(Hitesh) #43

Following information may be useful. – Youtube channel “RagingComputer”

Wall-Mounted Tablet Dashboard for OpenHAB using Dashing

Installing TabletFrame

(Tomasz Mach) #44

So do you have this wall mount already? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Christian) #45

@sipvoip: I’m using also this tablet but I’m really disappointed by the performance. Switching from one HABpanel page to another (swipe to right) lags enormously. Do you feel the same?

(Nathan Stratton) #46

I am getting a lot of lag, but I am not sure the tablet is the issue since I get the same results on my Samsung S8.

(Dome) #47

@tailor @sipvoip Did you guys figure out if the tablet was the issue? I was planning to buy this tablet but your posts gave me pause.

(Kees Van Gelder) #48

As Rich already says they all have batteries, but I am using an old no name tablet. It has WiFi, no ethernet jack and it works on a charger.
In another room I have an ‘old’ 7 inch smartphone
I use the openhab app as well as a browser. Can choose.
the Lenovo and Nexus that were mentioned no doubt are good choices as well

(Christian) #49

@Dome I don’t use it anymore, it was too slow.

(Hans Inge Berg) #50

For you guys using old tablets with batteries. isn´t that a fire hazard, keeping a lipo-battery charging permanently on the wall? I believe they just uninstalled some 100 ipads as info displays at my workplace for just that reason.

I managed to rip out the batteries from some old galaxy tab 3-tablets and managed to get them running on 5v usb power alone… would not that be a safer option?

(davorf) #51


To avoid permanent charging I’ve connected a tablet’s charger to a WiFi controlled switch (integrated with OH). Tablet sends battery percentage via Tasker, and OH turns switch ON when battery level drops below 20%. When battery is fully charged, OH turns the switch OFF. With this approach, tablet’s battery is not being overcharged, and I can use this tablet on battery, when it’s off the wall.

Best regards,

(Thetmar) #52

Hello i use a lcd screen 10 inch on the wall! It works verry fine with an rpi3 as unit.
You can also have a rpi3 with openhab and on that same rpi3 device this lcd monitor. It will works fine.
Don’t look at the interface is was in the beginning and not finished. :wink: That is never with openhab :slight_smile:

Elo 10 inch touchscreen

(David) #53

I’m also very disappointed with the performance of some of my Habpanel dashboards (for instance, Weather Widget, with animated icons). It’s still a work in progress, but even with just a few widgets, my dashboards seem to heavy for any browsers I’ve tested.
I’m trying to get it work on an ASUS Infinity TF700T tablet (which is no longer used at home). I’ve tried to install alternative ROMs to test if performance could be improved, but no luck. It’s laggy.
As the question remains unanswered: what’s the best price/perf tablet do you (Habpanel users) recommend?
Or maybe an optimized, performance oriented ROM providing the best browser experience available?

(Bogumil J.) #54

I use 5 x Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F. It has great performance, 2GB ram, 5GHz WIFI, 10" and its officially, easily upgradeable to official Android 5.1 and 6.0. And, what’s most important, you can buy used units for c.a. $85 / 75 EU. You can have white or black/blue unit so it suits everywhere.

(Philipp) #55

iPad + Wallmount incl. Power over Ethernet :wink:


(Oliver) #56

Ive been looking into this setup. Planning for it sometimes in january.

Relative cheap tablet, with high resolution:

and a magnetic mount like this

And an qi charging adapter and charger, so i can just put it on the wall and it charges and stays.
I want a decent fast tablet, so that i can take it off the wall and use it like normal.

(joshpond80) #57

Two things to be wary of.

  1. I did a qi charger setup (the link is somewhere on here I think) It had to line up perfectly to charge, if it was off by a little I think the distance became to great and would drop off.
  2. With the Nexus 7, if the screen was constantly on, the qi charger didn’t provide enough juice to keep it powered. It would be a slow drain until it ran out. I set it up so that at night time it would turn the screen off and that worked fine.

(SiHui) #58

I also had problems with huge lags (HABPanel with Fully Kiosk Browser).
The root cause were three graphs (temperature, humidity, air pressure with inline chart functionality from HABPanel) which I persisted everyMinute. After changing that to every 15 minutes (which is more than sufficient for weather data) the lags are gone, even on an old Samsung Tab 2 (with Lineage OS).

(E. Gerland) #59

Sounds great.
I will try this.

By the way, is their any guide which function I need at all on the tablet.
I guess there are some apps on the tablet (in the background) which are not needed at all for Fully Kiosk!?

(SiHui) #60

There is nothing special needed. I did a full factory reset on the tablet and just installed FKB.
If you don’t have Webview installed by default you may need to install that in addition to FKB: