What tablet for a wall dashboard

(E. Gerland) #61

Thanks for your response.
I did a factory reset as well, but because I am a rookie on android I wondered if there are any typical background apps which are in 5.1 by default but not required.
Maybe removing even the smallest apps might improve performance?!

By the way:
I use a 100€ Xido tablet:

(chandu gudipalley) #62

The 7" sibo poe units are now upgraded to android 6.1 and quite stable. Geekland markets and distributes these units and several othe POE that support both the 802.3af and 802.3at standards.

(Johann Krabath) #63

Hi, may i ask you, which app do you use for your xido table, i am interested in this app which you have on the pic here, in the top is written homer

thanks for the info, brgds

(davorf) #64


It definitely looks a lot like HABPanel, rather then some dedicated application. Or, are you asking about an application HABPanel is open in (browser, Fully Kiosk Browser etc)?

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(Johann Krabath) #65

I intend to use it for my door camera but i would see on same screen also
temperature and maybe some breaking news…


(davorf) #66


Take a look at the documentation. I suppose this should be a thing you’re looking for.

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(Yannick Schaus) #67

A more complete documentation article for HABPanel is now available here:


(E. Gerland) #68

Of course,
I use the standard Android browser, which is run by Fully Kiosk Browser (exclusively in Kiosk Mode - so no access to other functions without a password).
I am totally satisfied - however, the Xido itself could have more power, because it’s pretty slow.

(Jon Dison) #69

@Artyom_Syomushkin, where did you find those micro usb cables that you had this picture of?

(Bogumil J.) #70

I never found supplier of those micro usb cables. You can buy insted charging pads like this one and cut out what you need:

Note that there is USB A and USB B type of the plug.

(Artyom Syomushkin) #71

Yes, exactly these. Just buy and cut.