Where are the config files

Hi All, where do I find the config files in OpenHAB3 (Openhabian Install on RaspberryPi) what I mean is there is the /etc/openhab directory but the directories (items,things etc ) are all empty bar the readme file. If you wanted to add a new thing for example you would create xxx.thing in the things directory in the older version and then be able to use it, I have created all my “things” in the webgui but where is the actual config for these?

The conf/thing, conf/item, etc. folders are only for, as you said, the text file based configuration. Any thing, item, or rule you create in the Main UI is stored instead in the autogenerated json files in the userdata/jsondb folder. They will look very different than the text config files.

If you are thinking about editing them, think carefully and make absolutely sure that is necessary. If you still think you have no better option, then make sure you read through the recent post by @rlkoshak giving excellent directions on how to do this safely:

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In addition to that question - is it possible on oh3 to mix between config files and usage of the webui generated jsonDB? I had a lot of configs in 2.5 and would like to use some of these configs.

Yes it is possible without any problem I have most of my things and items etc. configured via files but I have also some defined via MainUI. For me it works without any issue.

You should be reading the docs.