Where can I find trademark policy and official logos?

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I recently came across this empty page while looking for information on how to use the OpenHAB logo and trademark (for example when inviting to local meetings, proposing commercial support, etc.). I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation either.

Is this information available elsewhere or is something being worked on ?

As an example, you can check Canonical’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy and Brand Guidelines for the Ubuntu project. The Debian project also has a Trademark page as well as all their logos and intended use on a wiki page.

References found after posting this topic:

Good question.
Maybe @Kai or @hmerk can tell :slight_smile:

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Another example of use, I will be attending a home builders expo soon (as a visitor) and would like to give out flyers letting know builders about OpenHAB.

Ohh wait @luckow might also know about this. He already hosted meetups and booths at conventions.

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Some information here.

Otherwise search for some of @Kai’s posts here.

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@Bruce_Osborne thanks but that’s where I found the link to the empty page. I’ll look for other posts as you suggest.

It says @Kai owns the trademark.

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Ok, I found 3 interesting links:

Both versions of the logo have Public Domain licensing as assigned by Wikimedia, perhaps this needs adjusting there. The announcement indicates terms & conditions of use will be announced at some point and should be similar to GitHub’s so I’ll follow that for now if/when I use it.

@kai, could you share which font was used ? I’d love to make French and Spanish versions of it.

@kai was clear the logo is restricted.


Correct, the foundation owns the logo and we are still in the process of registering it as a trademark, so that we can provide a re-use policy afterwards. For the time being, do an individual request to info@openhabfoundation.org and we can check how to best proceed.

This is the part that only considers the “technical artwork”. But also note that Wikipedia writes:

" This work includes material that may be protected as a trademark in some jurisdictions. If you want to use it, you have to ensure that you have the legal right to do so"

Note that it also says that this is public domain, but I guess you’ll be quickly in some trouble if you start using it for your own business :slight_smile: .