Where does the A [ampers) come and is there an elegant way to get rid of it?

I’m making some JS automation now for handling my Solar power and my car charging. I’ve stuck into very annoying issue. No matter how I define the item, when I call the item.state (or item.rawState) it always adds A (for Amper) to my item value.
Is there a way to get rid of this in an easy way(calling another item atrribute?) or I have to do it programatically like I did.
The item:

Number:ElectricCurrent			     TeslaChargeCurrent  "Charging Current [%0.F]"	<energy>  (EveryChangePersist)  {channel="tesla:modely:konstantin:mycar:chargecurrent"}

The current workaround:

 getCurrentChargeRate() {
        let chargeRateStr = this.chargeRateRead.state.toString();
        return Number(chargeRateStr.substring(0, chargeRateStr.indexOf('A'))) ;

Thanks in advance,

This is a “Quantity”. It must have units (or else it is meaningless)

Some hints about working with Quantities in rules

Thanks for the hints.
That explains the behaviour but are you aware if the JS library supports these types in a way?
Couldn’t find anything related documented besides some examples with Time library.