Where to place static sound files for Jetty

I am currently testing the notificationsound channel for the new Sonos binding. This is working well so far. The only issue I have left is, that I’d like to host the sound file on my local machine. I currently host it at Dropbox, but only want it to be that way for the time being.

The question is, where in my openHAB folder to put my sound files (wav, mp3), so that I can provide a URI (like http://locahost/path/to/whatever.mp3 or from the openHAB Jetty server.

I have already tried (without success)

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In the meantime I read this thread:

I guess I need to edit the {openhab home}/userdata/etc/jetty.xml file?

I read that file, noticed a reference to /static that is referring to an html folder.

I added my doorbell.mp3 to the {openhab home}/conf/html folder and that did the trick.

I can now play a doorbell notification from the Sonos using this command:

sendCommand(Sonos_Living_NotificationSound, "http://<oh server ip>/static/doorbell.mp3")

Fwiw, .wav files work as well.