Where to submit bugs?


I have found a severe bug (in my opinion) under openhab2 for caldavio binding.

I have opened a topic here, and submitted a bug here. However, it has not been aknowledged (nor affected or whatever) wich seems strange to me because it basically renders the binding unreliable (at most …) : maybe have I done the reporting wrong ?

I have since confirmed again the bug, with an event reloat time of 30 minutes, meaning that the bug is real and not a consequence of a too short reload time (1min) : for an event running on a N hours peroiod, it’s “begin” line will be fired n/x times if x < n (x beeing the caldav io reload time conf (caldavio:xxxxxxxx:reloadInterval)

It sounds like you are referring to this code, so opening an issue in that repo (if there isn’t one there already) seems like a good choice.

thanks, I was searching for that repo (and didn’t find it until your answer)

bug (re)opened

the bug has been opened in the correct place