Which Garden Lighting to choose?

Hi, I want to integrate some Garden Lighting and I can’t seem to find a lamp, which is compatible with openHAB. I think about using these HOFTRONIC™ - 9x intelligent WiFi LED ground spike spotlight Spikey aluminum anthracite RGBWW IP65 but I don’t know if they work with openHAB and if they do with which Binding. I hope someone can help me.

I tried to find out a bit for you but in the end it is still not clear if there is an open API available for these lamps.

The page here Homeylux - HOFTRONIC says that the lamps are based on “Homeylux” and I found a special page that provides some information on that: https://homeylux.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb

However there is no obvious information if there is any open way to connect to it. I would recommend to send them an email and ask them whether there is some documentation on how to control the lamps via WIFI and also ask them if there is any central cloud service involved or if the mobile app directly connects from the phone to the lamps via WIFI.


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Why not some zigbee light bulbs installed in a normal luminaries?

Not sure about the lights you mentioned, but I am kind of reluctant using the LED lights in which the lighting source cannot be replaced. Means you might need to thow the complete luminaire and it is a question if you can get the same model. in cases you have multiple lights then you might want to replace all of them, because the replacement of the failed will be different model.

I, for example, have GU10 stupid lighting and control it with sonoff mini. I didn’t need to have dimming or colour change, but if I change my mind I can always put in the right GU10 bulbs


Used the power of an internet search engine and found info in the Home assistant forum that this brand is kind of the same as a Tuya light:
HA Forum

You can search here in the Openhab forums how to add Tuya lights, but from what I’ve read it is not supported by a binding and it is kind of “hacky” to get them to work locally with openhab.

Have a look for instance in the following OH topic:
step-by-step guide, but for OH2
Most probably this approach can still be used for OH3.

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Thank you guys for your help I’m gonna let you know what solution I’m going to pick soon.