Which motion sensor should I use

So far I’m using MiLight LED lights with iBox2 interface.
OpenHab2 is running on a Rasberry Pi.

I would like to use a Motion Sensor (PIR), but I have not seen a Motion Sensor which is directly compatible to MiLight RF System.

I assume I have to buy a second interface to connect to a motion sensor.
Who can suggest an unexpensiv and good Motion sensor and according RF interface.

I am not aware of any such sensor (directly compatible to Milight), but you could use any motionsensor and then have openhab switch your milight

year, that was my idea, too.

What motion sensor and interface technoligy can you recommend?

I predominantly have diy, some small PIR sensors.

I have a few brandless commercial ones that I made an interface on (with an optocoupler).

Some are read by my raspi, some by an Arduino, some by esp8266
Not sure if you want to go that road

I would rather like to buy ready Produkts rather than designing and Building Thema Bytes my own. The housing Looks much better with bought products.

BTW, I‘ve forgotten to say that I‘m looking for device that can be mounted into the wall (Unterputz).
I‘ve discoverd this devices from homemtic series.
It looks pretty neat and comes with two additional switches.
As Interface there is also a device available that will be pluged onto the pi.
Does anyone has experience with these components together with openHab?

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I like the Fibaro Z-Wave sensors: https://www.fibaro.com/de/products/motion-sensor/

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indeed, this device looks pretty neat and promising.

I assume it can be included into openHab2 to controll e.g. lights, right?

yes, i use six of them to control light and presence

In the past I used the sensors from Philips Hue. They are quite good. And did their job. I had never problems. I just had problems with the limeted settings. But this was a software problem and openhab can help in this point.

Now I’m looking around because for our new home I want to check if other products could be a better solutions. I think I’ll give fibaro a chance.

Welcome to the OpenHAB community!
Here is a link to a thread where I reviewed a number of motion sensors. I tried the Hue, fibaro, dome and monoprice (zooz). I like the fibaro, but it is almost twice the price of the dome and I like the dome just as much.