Which Smoke Detector (Groups, Notification, etc)

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(Holger OpenhabUser) #21

No, I have no better alternative, at least if you want to stick to a zwave device.
At least for the intended core funktion, the smoke detection, they should be good according to test reviews I had read.

(Christoph B) #22

And outside of zwave?

(Christof Langer) #23

what about Homematic IP via CCU2?

(vossivossi) #24

I can confirm these issues with my 2 POPP 4001 devices. Additionally they really drain the battery very quick. The maximum so far was 6 months, often it is only 3-4 months. This is not acceptable for a battery powerd Z-Wave device and this purpose.
I originally intended to buy even some more but I will not do this after these experinces (have them for 15 months now). They offer the nice feature of using the siren by rules as they are FLiRS devices but apparently this is eating up battery and so of no practical use. I will probably go for the POPP 009402 which is not frequently listening (siren not usable for other applications) but supposed to last 10 years. Even if it only reaches 5 years it would already be a big improvement to the 4001.

(Henning F. Mettge) #25

What about https://manuals.fibaro.com/smoke-sensor?

(Christof Langer) #26

Many false alarms reportet as well. Do Not have owwn experiance on it so need comments of real users

(Alex) #27

I also have 5 of Popp 4001. And I was unhappy at the beginning, too.

But now, I switched OFF Parameter 5 and Parameter 6.

Put 3 Popps and 2 Popps together in 2 different Association Groups.

Controlling siren (burglar alarm) via OH2 rules.
Controlling smoke alarm via OH2 rules.
Controlling battery alarm via OH2 rules.

NEVER had a false alarm.

Tested smoke alarm with a testspray. And the associated smoke detectors then started all an alarm.

The only disadvantage of this scenario is: OH2 always has to run. But this is the sense of a home automation system. :wink:

(vossivossi) #28

I also had Parameters 5 and 6 switched OFF. However battery life was very poor. How long last yours?

(Alex) #29

Sorry. I could not tell you. I bought mine in October and November 2017. No battery issues since then.

(vossivossi) #30

Ok, this is only 3-4 months so far. You might have to change the battery soon for the first time…

(Alex) #31

Ok, I’m going to report this.

(Christoph B) #32

Damn … I thought the Popp 4001 would be the best option for me… but this doesn’t sound too good.
The new Popp ones with 10 years battery life are very expensive.

(vossivossi) #33

They are more expensive, that is true. I just ordered one for testing and I will report battery life. However, this might (hopefully) take some time…

(Christof Langer) #34

Can you post your Complete settings and rule examples?

(Alex) #35

Sorry. I’m on vacation. When I’m back I can do that.

(vossivossi) #36

How do you do that? The device has a channel ‘battery-level’ but as already mentioned here it will always show 100% and is of no use at all. As far as I know the only chance to get to know about a low battery is listening to the beeping of the device.

(Alex) #37

(This is exactly what Popp Support told me!)

I then disabled Parameter 6 and wrote a rule. When battery-level == 0 then send notification.

But I don’t now if smoke sensor is peeping before it is = 0 (with disabled Parameter 6), because mine are only 4 month old…

(vossivossi) #38

I am really interested in this and if it works for you. I have persisted my battery level item on a “every update” strategy. Although I already had to change the battery 2 times and collected more than 4.000 values in the DB-table I only have records with value ‘100’ nothing else… :frowning:

(vossivossi) #39

What a freaking sh…, even the POPP 10 years smoke detector is a bad joke and misleading product. I just received my POPE009402 today an wondered why there was a small 1/2 AA battery coming with the device (although it has a built in not changeable 10 years battery). The answer can be found in the manual:

So the smoke detector will work long time, the Z-Wave functions won’t.
Honestly I am really disappointed with all battery powered Z-Wave+ devices so far. The PLUS devices (Gen5 or 500 chip series) were introduced with loud marketing noise claiming the improved ability for long battery life. So far ALL PLUS devices I own last only for maximum 6-8 months which is a bad joke and absolutely inacceptable. Some devices (like Fibaro motion sensor) which I own as an old version (Z-Wave) and new version (Z-Wave plus) show significantly differences in battery life. While the old ones lasted 1,5 to 2 years the new ones die after 6 months. Just my 5 cents… :frowning:

(Alex) #40


Here are some examples:


Switch POPP_Smoke_2_A 	"WZ Feueralarm" 		<fire> 			(GF_Living, Fire) {channel="zwave:device:d846b027:node5:sensor_binary"}
Switch POPP_Smoke_2_Sw  "WZ Sirene"				<siren> 		(GF_Living, Fire) {channel="zwave:device:d846b027:node5:switch_binary"}
Switch POPP_Smoke_2_GA  "WZ General Alarm"		<siren> 		(GF_Living, Fire) {channel="zwave:device:d846b027:node5:alarm_general"}
Number POPP_Smoke_2_Battery "WZ Popp Batterie" 	<battery> 		(GF_Living, Fire, Battery) {channel="zwave:device:d846b027:node5:battery-level"}


rule "Feueralarm WZ an"
		Item POPP_Smoke_2_A changed to ON
        sendCommand(POPP_Smoke_3_Sw, ON)
		sendCommand(POPP_Smoke_4_Sw, ON)
		sendBroadcastNotification("Feueralarm im WZ")

rule "Feueralarm WZ aus"
		Item POPP_Smoke_2_A changed to OFF
        sendCommand(POPP_Smoke_3_Sw, OFF)
		sendCommand(POPP_Smoke_4_Sw, OFF)

rule "Batterie-Stand bei Popp WZ ist 0"
		Item POPP_Smoke_2_Battery changed from 100 to 0
		sendBroadcastNotification("Batterie im Wohnzimmer ist leer")