Which Smoke Detector (Groups, Notification, etc)

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(Micha Mueller) #41

I have 2 Popp smoke sensors which are grouped to show if an alarm is active on the main screen:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gTest     "Rauchmelder [%s]"                                    <fire>   
Switch    POPP_Smoke_1_C          "Alarm Rauchmelder EG Flur [%s]"                    <fire>    (gTest)
Switch    POPP_Smoke_1_Sw         "Schalter Rauchmelder EG Flur [%s]"                           (gTest)
Switch    POPP_Smoke_2_C          "Alarm Rauchmelder Keller [%s]"                     <fire>    (gTest)                 

For some time now, the group does not work anymore (shows ‘-’).
The POPP_Smoke_1_C show “Untriggered”, not ON/OFF.
I have tried to change the group to

Group:Switch:OR(Triggered, Untriggered) gTest     "Rauchmelder [%s]"                                    <fire>   

but that does not work - I get this log output:

2018-03-11 15:56:18.741 [WARN ] [arthome.core.items.dto.ItemDTOMapper] - State 'Triggered' is not valid for a group item with base type 'Switch'
2018-03-11 15:56:18.744 [ERROR] [arthome.core.items.dto.ItemDTOMapper] - Group function 'OR' requires two arguments. Using Equality instead.

Any ideas?

(vossivossi) #42

Just a short follow up: After changing the battery of my POPP 4001 on February, 10th 2018 I today noticed that the battery is already empty again. So again just 4 months of battery life. The device is a joke but not usable for its designated purpose.
The POPP 009402 is neither a good choice: While the battery for the smoke detector is supposed to last 10 years, there is a separate small battery for the Z-Wave radio functions. This one also only lasts much shorter.

Does anybody know a Z-Wave smoke detector which supports wired power supply?

(Thomas Mul) #43

With this i believe you can make the popp 004001 wired.


(Lucas Rangit Magasweran) #44

Yeah. You should also be able to power it with a similarly spec’d 6W 12 VDC adapter. Here’s one that’s half the price 7.50 EUR on Amazon.

Or an 8W for even less.