Which Z-Wave controller for Raspberry Pi 3?

I am new to OpenHAB but I have managed to have it working on a Raspberry Pi 3. It integrates with Philips Hue and HomeKit very well, but I am disappointed by LightwaveRF, which I am using, too. The binding does not work as described and does not seem to have much of a community here, which is a pity as LightwaveRF devices are very suitable for UK/Irish installations (2-wire, no neutral). All that means I would like to try next some Z-Wave dimmer and relay modules.

Could anyone recommend which controller would work best with OpenHAB running on my Raspberry Pi 3? I am not sure which devices I will end up with, but I am looking at Fibaro, Philio, Aotec, and Qubino.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

See other recent thread about it:

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