White to HSB mode while retaining color values. (AKA switch to the same color before white )

Using Tasmota bulbs.
MQTT (Mosquitto)
config files (not GUI)
Not using Alexa.

Does anyone know how to switch white mode / ct mode, to HSB mode without modifying the original HSB values (bright.Sat.etc)?

I want to:

               *switch to CT*     *switch back to HSB*
HSB(+current values) ======>CT/WHITE ======> HSB(original values back)

Sending empty MQTT to desired mode topic did not work to switch modes. (A value << hsb value >> is required for the cmnd to be accepted and change modes, but that changes original values and makes them static in rules for example)

“TOGGLE” is not a valid switch, so that didn’t work either.

Sending any values to HSBColor topic will reset it to default color. (I need to mantain or bring back the original color values)

ps: The color picker is giving me headaches, if someone knows how to select colors from sitemap without the broken color picker, please let me know.

Searching in this forum for Tasmota rgb command I found the following thread which seems to contain useful info


Hi opus

Can you explain that? because I couldn’t see how will that thread help switching modes in the lamp without sending new values to the bulb.

I think the fellow user in that thread was having issues with MQTT configuration in general not like my issue here.

To be a little more clear, lets suppose this:

  • light is ON and running in HSBColor mode with values 300,50,100. (I call it RGB because that’s what the light is doing physically: showing colors). This HSBColor values is VARIABLE meaning I can configure the lights to use another color values next hour, next day… whenever I want to change colors. For this example, lets pretend I want the lights to be X color the whole day, but tomorrow I will change them and so on.

  • I send a CT command, to use white mode. I send a new MQTT packet with commands to […/CT 250]. That way the light responds to my command making the light go CT White mode with color temp at 250 as I want it. Great.

  • Business done with white mode, I want my previously configured color back. I want 300,50,100 in HSBColor mode; but remember, I cannot simply send a MQTT packet with those values to the lamp since that would work today, but not tomorrow.

Tuya lamps have a special MQTT topic to switch between “colour” and “white” modes, its called “command_mode”. Sending one of those values over MQTT, will set the light to work on the desired mode without touching their pre-configured color, saturation, brightness values.

Tasmota team interaction history:

Tasmota lacks this feature (switch modes) and when I tried reporting this feature (lack of) devs acted like police in their github page, closing the issue and sending me to oblivion (discussion inside github, where no one gets answers). They force users to use privacy mining platforms like discord that I refuse to use. After I told them this, that they closed my request, the fact that they should acknowledge this and the possibility to improve the software and that I didn’t care to talk to them anymore, someone popped up and said “hey we didn’t “forgot” this feature, nobody asked for it” and said that “it could be useful” and then proceeded to taunt me saying “do you care, or not?”.
I’m not going to take bullying like that. Why would they need me anyway?

Is it a little bit more clear now? sorry if I’m bad at explaining, ask your questions please.

Edited title because it may have been misleading.

As told in your other thread, I don’t have tasmota bulb with colors. So all I tried is to give a hint (like the linked thread).