Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) per case

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Looking at our plants today which have automated system for watering it came to my mind that the installation was actually a request from my wife.

I know that there is not an official WAF scale so I’ll set one for the needs of this post.

I think that the scale should start from 1 up to 7 and each number reveal how negative or positive the wife is.

The scale

  1. Completely negative
  2. Grumble (all the time)
  3. Grumble (but use it)
  4. Don’t care (Neutral)
  5. Happy
  6. Excited
  7. Totally positive

In my case the scores are :

Automated plant watering - 7
Stair light - 7
Water heater - 6
Air-condition - 7
Light control - 3
Window blinds or curtains - 2

(This post is just for fun or as a good starting point to begin with home automation)

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There should be a zero rating, for death by wife.

Which is what I’m sometimes threatened with for some of my suggestions.

Robot Hoover tho, that scores a 7.


Keep tracking to have values for before, initial and after-some-weeks or after-rework.

#5 should rather be ‘content’ or some such. Take ‘happy’ and ‘excited’ as #6,#7
Maybe it’s just a wording thing, but ‘happy’ covers a very broad range with different persons, so it can be misunderstood.

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I like the scale. Although in my situation, I will never get a rating above “Happy”. The thing is, the +1 never gets excited about technology. Things should “just work”. Although there is a whole level of scales below “completely negative”. :slight_smile:

Example what happened yesterday: “The radio didn’t work today. When are you finally going to fix this? The radio never works!”. After a brief analysis: the volume was set to (almost) zero, because he received a phone call. And he forgot putting the volume back up after the call. :roll_eyes: You can’t always blame home automation. :slight_smile:

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@Dries Make a suggestion from the above list with WAF of 6 or 7 and collect the reaction then!

That would be a good test.

To tell you the truth when writing this post, I thought the same. Never get a response with 5 or more except on some exceptions. Well that was totally untrue as my wife suggested the ‘Stair Light’ and the ‘Water Heater’ (!).

That is the way to go, make her give suggestions!
I installed the remote controlled Christmas lighting last year and showed her how to turn them on (one by one!).
After a day she came up with the idea to automate that by time! My reply:"Good idea, give me some time on the computer tonight and you’ll have it."
On the following weekend she realized that the times needed to be different on the weekend. She got that also… after me having to spent some time on the computer.

Guess when I made this rule :slight_smile:

In my case the mrs. is playing away enthousiastically with the Hue app and the “Hue labs”, thereby interferering with my efforts of creating great rules in OpenHAB (so for the time being I gave up on that, I am now focussing more on monitoring). She also managed to connect the Hue and Nest devices to each other, so I am curious what is going to happen when I get home. The WAF of the Hue lights and Nest-stuff seems to be very high at our home.

Mythtv backend + kodi frontend + harmony hub+FLIRC + NAS = ultimate TV

It is hard to gauge the WAF on this one. She pretends its a 4 but I would say it is more a 6 as whenever we have to watch normal live TV at someone else’s house she rates that experience as a 2. Ad detection and auto skip for 12+ years has created a warped WAF scale.

The lights she is not happy at all with yet as I strobe them and constantly flick colours as I stress test the system. Stress testing to see how much she will take before it goes below a 1 :wink:

Yes try to factor that in.
You actually get to see the real WAF if you have been having a plaything in use for some time and you then remove it for whatever reason.

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Watch TV and getting information who is calling (is it worth to get up to get the phone…) - 6
Music in Bathrooms and Kitchen - 6
Roller shutters automated - 5
Christmas lights automated - 5
Don’t need to walk to the light switches - 5
Closet ventilation - 4
Light Scenes - 4 (but don’t use it…)

Sometimes she’s a bit impatient if the first button press is not answered immediately :slight_smile:
Temperature regulation isn’t always as good as possible (2 to 3) :wink: , but I did no optimization to this yet, so this is the default regulation.

I wasn’t allowed to do plant watering yet :wink:

Hehehe! Do you have the same system as mine before make it automated?
It was a very simple system but still semi-automated for my wife with voice commands.
All she had to do is to say “Water the plants”.
My problem was that the “command” was not for a computer system but for me.

Stopping doing so and install the automated system solved both of our problems.
For her it was not necessary to issue the “command” and for me… :wink:

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No, in fact she is watering the plants, but sometimes we are not at home for some days, so…

Do you have some code you can share? I just got the Kodi binding working last night with sending text to the screen so this sounds like a good thing to add so if you can help speed up the process with your rules please it would be great.

2017 anyone?


I wonder what the ratio of male to female members is on the forum?

My own experiences:

A couple of weeks ago I replaced our bedroom lamp bulbs with LED ones. The light was harsh and the bedroom looked like a morgue with the blue-white light.
So, instead, I ordered some Philips Hue white-ambience lamps which she loved and immediately though of other rooms in which we could also fit them.
The she said “I like them as long as you don’t connect them up to that bloody Echo!”
(which is not what I wanted to hear!).
So, we had a discussion about home-automation and she said she liked the stuff which worked but wasn’t connected to the home-automation system - like the heated IR mirror in our otherwise chilly entrance hall which comes on three times a day so it’s warm when the children come back from school, (but not at weekends), has auto-shut off after a set period of time and other features.
But that’s actually all controlled by openHAB rules.

I think the consensus is, with her at least, that home-automation is good - as long as you don’t need to actually do anything.
She’s right of course - true home-automation is exactly that.

I’m using vdr and the vdr binding though - It is not in list for openHAB2 yet, but one can install it manually anyway, if using a vdr based solution.

I therefor get a String Item for OSD Messages, when I send a command to it, the String will appear at the screen. The period, the message is displayed, is configurable in vdr.

AFAIK for Kodi it’s the same way (the channel is called shownotification)

As for the code, it’s nothing special, just a trigger when a call is received plus a lazy string composition and a sendCommand…

The problem with political correctness is, the ‘correct’ people presume either bad aim or thoughtlessness, where neither the former nor the latter suits.

In fact, my wife is a big fan of home cinema, but: “I don’t want to see any cabling!”, so it has to be hidden, or there is no chance to realize it. Same for home automation: “I don’t want to see any cabling!”

Yes, there are also men which have a good taste in question of interior, and there are women with a bad taste, but honestly, in question of interior decoration most men ask their wife (or a girl with the taste…) and in my opinion ‘WAF’ is rather a compliment than an offense.


I totally agree with you Udo.

Living together in the same space there are always some trade offs.

The WAF is not a negative term. In fact it is more like a difficulty index before having a descent conversation on a solution that tries to solve a problem or a need!

WAF in my opinion shows how easily a “solution” will be adopted from the wife in terms of easiness, usability and functionality.

But still, lets stay focused on the “per case” part!

My scores:

A Hue-color light in the living-room which signals that the washing machine finished: 5
(Non-connected) motion based lights in toilets: 5
Most other things: 3 / 4*

Maybe I should listen more to the other users of my house :blush:

I’ll keep my eyes open her for tolerated or even better wife originating suggestions :smile:

So what device/binding can tell openhab your mobile phone is ringing and the number calling?