Windows 10 IOT running openHAB 2?

Hi, I know it is possible to rub openHAB on windows, but is it possible to run openHAB 2 on Windows 10 IOT(on raspberry pi 3B+)

is there a tutorial?


Just out of curiosity…

Why would you want to?

Surely you’d want the lightest OS possible on a Raspberry Pi?

I am more familiar with windows.

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Oh I see.

A word to the wise…

For small SBCs, it’s really worth getting your head around a light weight OS.

Windows will suck the life out of the SBC.

And to be honest, Linux command line isn’t that different from MSdos.

If you want a ready to go image for the Raspberry Pi, just download the Openhabian image and flash it to the SD card.

All the information you could ever need is here

And if you still have questions, a search on this forum will give you thousands of answers :wink:

(FYI, I don’t use a Raspberry Pi for anything other than a door stop, but that’s my opinion. I prefer the ODroid range, with its eMMC memory as it appears to make a massive difference to performance)

Since Jave is platform independent I would ask if there is a Zulu OpenJDK build for that platform. That version of Java seems to work the best with those processors.

Azul Zulu Embedded is available for Windows IOT.

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Remember OH 2 needs Java version 8.

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I believe java 11 is supported now. Openhabian added it as an option. Pretty sure I am running it.

I will throw maybe this was intended only as a trial, but it works.

I believe that was added as testing for openHAB 3.

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There also is Windows 10 ARM64 available, see here.

Or here. There are tutorials on youtube.

It’s also possible to run it on RPi4. See here.

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