Windows App

Finally got around to implement a bunch of missing features. The update is pushed to the store, should be visible within 24 hours.

here’s the changelog:

  • new logo
  • Windows 10 sdk updates
  • image widget added
  • chart widget added
  • set selected button for section widget
  • fix bug for switch widget attached to slider item
  • update widget state when changed from other app

Most widgets are there, only ones missing are webview and mapview I believe, I’ve already started work on a next version. The aim is to get feature parity with the Android app and we’ll see from there


Sorry, which one is it, where to find it?

Thanks, but which version is the current?

I’ve installed 0.2beta. the version on github is 0.1beta, as i am looking right in SettingsPage.xaml

looks like I forgot to change the settingspage. I do still have to merge the dev branch to master.
the version on the dev branch is the one pushed to the store, but it looks like the update hasn’t arrived in the store yet

looks like the version is updated in the store but the store entry still has the previous logo. I’ll find out why tomorrow and update the settings page.

new logo looked a bit weird on the new version. I’ve submitted an update where this is fixed, together with the versioning in the Settings page (should become version 0.5 beta)

I just did a quick test and thank you this new version is reaaly a major improvment to your previous version.
I will make more tests and create relevant issues in Git. I already found few.

Could you rename your topic into “Windows app” ?

topic renamed.

thanks for creating the issues! I’ll get to them asap!


since the last logo update the openhab win10 app doesn’t work any more, can I get the older Version back here or wich is the reasen for the problems of the new app beta ?

Until when will the app run again ?

Sincerely Jürgen

hmm I haven’t heard of any such issues yet. Could you elaborate a bit?

  • what device are you running on?
  • What version of Windows?
  • What are the exact issues?



it is an openhab 1.7 instance on raspberry pi 1, the app runs on Win10 Professional with all updates, after the appstart the app icon is short time to see in the left up corner then the app closes immediately or icon is not displayed the app closes fast immediately!

Thanks for helping, can you send me the previous app version via email ?

Sincerely Jürgen

One point via Web-Browser at PC or also the Android App runs completely prefect !

thanks for the extra info! it’s most likely a parsing issue with the openHAB 1.x responses (1.x returns xml while 2.x returns json).

I’ll see if it’s something I can easily fix over the weekend and hopefully have a working version published by Monday.

I’ve logged this on GitHub for you:

@juergen151 Issue is fixed, new version is in certification at Microsoft. I expect it to hit the store within 2 days


that makes me happy, very good if that works again, Thanks !

Sincerely Jürgen

Hi Nico,

until know there was no update of openhab in the windows store !?, how can I recognice the update in the store the date there is 18. januar 2017, ok I wait patience !

Greetings Jürgen

what version are you seeing in the Settings page? new version is 0.6

date on the store is the initial release date, not latest update


I’m using the windows app to show my first test sitemap. Until now I only have 3 temperature values from my netatmo weather station on the sitemap. The question I have is, if there is a auto refresh of the app, because at the moment the values are allways steady. Only if I close the app and open it again, then the values are updated. Can anyone help me with that?

I would have to check to make sure, but the widgets should update automatically via the event system.
can you tell me what version of the app (can be seen on the settings page) and what version of openHAB you’re running on?