[WIP] New Grünbeck Cloud Binding

Hi everyone,

I started to develop a new Binding for Grünbeck Cloud Devices.
Grünbeck is a German manufacturer for water softeners. The latest product line does no longer provide a local HTTP server for data retrieval but relies on a Cloud Service for it’s own mobile app.

Therefor, I started to develop a new Binding for those Cloud-enabled devices.

It is an early WIP but feedback is welcome at every time.


Thanks for contributing, don’t need the binding but good to know it is there :+1:

Hi Dominik,
since a few days I’m proud owner of a Grünbeck SD21. If possible I would test your binding, but I’m a little lost. Can you please share some information how to install the binding? I would expect a .jar file to be copied in the addons folder, but I can’t find it. Thanks in advance.

Hi Dominik,
this is really great and I am desperatly looking for the binding. Can you provide some help on how to install it since I cannot find a jar file?
Thanks alot

OK - I have created the JAR file created using maven - I can activate the binding in paperui and can discover the things. But after the configuration the Cloud Bridge thing stays in “initializing” mode and openhab.log shows some errors (I disabled the binding at the moment, but can provide logs if you like). Is there any progress on the binding? The JAR file created by maven is called org.openhab.binding.gruenbeckcloud-2.5.6-SNAPSHOT.jar

Hi Jesko, due to high amount of day-job work I am not able to work on the binding, currently.
However, the log files would be very helpful.

Perfect - I send you the logs via PM - let me know if I can help further

Hi Jesko, can you share the JAR file with me?

Hi Uwe, sure - I sent you a PM with the link.

Hi Jesko,
many thanks for sharing the JAR file with me.
I have downloaded the file and implemented it.

It looks like I have the same behavior than you with the Binding.
The Grünbeck Cloud Bridge Thing is showing “INITIALIZING” all the time.
The Grünbeck Water Softener Thing is ONLINE.
I have as well some warnings in the LOGs.

There are no Channels shown in the Grünbeck Water Softener Thing.
Only information shown is the id.
It is the serial number of the device.

Hi everyone,
I just found some time to continue work on the binding.

Realtime data is gathered now:

However, the channels are not properly named, yet:

mflow1: current flow in m3/h
mresidcap1 : %-value of capacity until next regeneration
mrescapa1 : rest capacity in m2
mmaint : days until next service
mcountwater1 : Overall water consumption since installation (I guess :wink: )

Download of JAR file: http://cloud.familie-schoen.com/f/2cd5c4abe9/

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Hi Dominik, I know what you mean with “found some time” :wink: - it’s not always easy.
Thanks for the updated version.
I have implemented it already on Sunday and it’s working.
There was some problems removing the old version but finally I was able to get only the new version running.
The update is showing 39 Channels (if I’m counting right). I have enabled them all.
I can confirm the “days until next service” and the “rest capacity”. For identifying others I need some more time.
The event log is showing some errors - e.g. “[ERROR] [.handler.GruenbeckCloudBridgeHandler] - error during negotiateWS [Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@18d1108”, after the [INFO] entry “Start getDeviceInformation”.
Are you interested in such kind of info?

Once again - many thanks for developing this binding!

Yes, I am. That particular bug is known - but is not really influencing the binding. There is just missing some “graceful” error handling.

Any chance you could share your working configuration? I tried to get this running in 3.0 but had no luck.

i have a MD32 and would like to try the binding,
does it support OH3 ?

if the binding supports Openhab 3 I would be happy to test it and also try some things.

I habe now a SD18 and a openHAB 3.0 Installation. I can also Test the Plugin.

Hi everyone,
would this binding works on OH3 Installation ?

Hey @d_scho,

did you find some time to work on the binding? Can we help you by testing or providing code?

any news regarding the binding and openhab 3?