Withings binding needs authentication after restart

Hi all,

I’m trying to integrate the Withings binding. I’m able to authenticate during run-time and item values get updated properly.
However, whenever I restart openhab, the binding states that authentication is need again:

Withings Binding needs authentication of Account 'daniel'. Execute 'withings:startAuthentication' "<accountId>" on OSGi console.

Authentication information seems to be persisted correctly in my openhab.cfg as there are the following entries (values removed for this post):

withings-oauth:daniel.token=XXX withings-oauth:daniel.tokensecret=XXX withings-oauth:daniel.userid=XXX

I tried different bundle versions (1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT).

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any advice how I can overcome this problem?

Thanks for your time,


I have exactly the same problem you describe. Did you manage to find a solution yet?


I’m also trying to connect Withings devices, but still figuring out how to get the required credentials.
I have only the Client Id and Consumer Secret form Withings developer app.
The next question would be, where openhab.cfg is situated.
It’s written that Access Token has a 3h expiry and can be refreshed using a Refresh Token. That might cause such problem.
If more people are able to recreate you experiment, the chances for success are much higher.