WLED V3.0.1 hangs during install

Hi There, I’m running OH 3.0.1 and try to install the WLED binding (V.3.0.1) via webfrontend. However the binding hangs in status installing with nothing happens after that.
My Openhab log doesn’t spit out any error.

What I’m doing wrong or how could I come to the root of this?
(My other bindings worked like a charm, seems to be limited to this binding).

Observation: as part of the troubleshooting I tried to upgrade OH itself via apt-get, however this failed with an error about non signed repository.

As previously announced, you will not be able to install addons on that version unless you downloaded the kar file before bintray shut down on May 1 2021.

I believe the latest 3.0.x version is on artifactory with all the other more recent versions.

oh well… what shall I do next? Is it a matter of waiting for the bug to be resolved?
I really started to dig OH V3 but with no further binding my long weekend plans of shifting my V2 to V3 going down the drain… (and no, it’s not upgrading as I change hardware concurrent)

There is no bug to be resolved. bintray decided to shut down their service,

Try updating to version 3.0.2 of openHAB.

for everyone stumbling over this issue: please see announcement by Kai for reasons/next step etc:

In short: the download server for the bindings and releases been deactivated. In order to upgrade or add bindings the OH version need to be updated. In order to do so via apt-get upgrade the package repository location need to be updated manually:

after that done, an upgrade and a reboot the binding was properly listed (and other bindings can be installed as well)

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