openHAB 3.0.2 Patch Release and the Sunset of Bintray

Dear all,

We have today published the openHAB patch release 3.0.2. It brings a couple of bug fixes for our stable release. You can find the details in the release notes.

Even if you might not need these fixes for your setup, we highly recommend to install this patch, since it takes care of adapting the update and download mechanisms to no longer point to Bintray, but to Artifactory. This is necessary, since Bintray services shut down on May 1st, 2021, which means that add-ons cannot be dynamically downloaded anymore if you stay on an older version.

If you nonetheless plan to stay on an older openHAB release, please download the add-ons KAR (or the resp. Linux package) before May 1st to make sure that you do not run into issues after that date.

Due to the work involved, we were not able to retrofit all required changes onto 2.5.x - we therefore cannot and won’t provide any further patches on that branch, 2.5.12 this staying the last one. I can only encourage everyone to move to 3.x, which is very stable and the migration is fairly easy - give it a try!

Please use this topic for any questions, comments and problems with regards to the 3.0.2 release.

Best regards,


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