Workaround for setting ColorTemperature with Alexa

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(Alex) #1

Hi folks, here is a workaround for setting Hue --> ColorTemperature with Alexa and openHAB Cloud via “OpenHAB Skill for Alexa”.

But, you can only use it with percentage!

(Alex) #2


  1. tag your ColorTemperature item with tag [ “Lighting” ]:
Dimmer Innr_Light1_Color_Temp	"Light Dining Colortemp"			(GF_Dining)			[ "Lighting" ]	{channel="hue:0210:0017882971e8:5:color_temperature"}
  1. search for your new ColorTemperature “device” in Alexa APP.

  2. Create a new group with Alexa APP, e.g “Colortemperature Diningroom”. Add your ColorTemperature “device” from step 2 to this new group.

  3. Switch to e.g. color “white” via normal function “OpenHAB Skill for Alexa”.

  4. Then tell Alexa: “Alexa set Colortemperature Diningroom to 56 percent” (= warmwhite, 0 % = coldwhite)

I only could test this in german!!

I switched to e.g. color “white”. This is a normal function in “OpenHAB Skill for Alexa”!

My Alexa group name is in german: “Farbtemperatur Esszimmer”. Then I tell Alexa in german: “Alexa, stelle Farbtemperatur Esszimmer auf 56 Prozent” (= warmweiß)

oder “Alexa, stelle Farbtemperatur Esszimmer auf 0 Prozent” (= kaltweiß)

Don’t know, if this also is running in english, maybe you have to name your Alexa group different from “ColorTemperature Roomname”…

Have fun!

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(Alex) #3

Maybe someone could test it in english and post his result here?

EDIT: Really no one is trying that?

(Walter) #4

Its also possible to create routines within the alexa app. There you could define the percentage values for the lights and the voice command.

But there is a drawback. Alexa gets confused if the routine sounds simmilar to the device name.

Therefore you have to to be distinctive in your routine voice triggers