Workaround for setting ColorTemperature with Alexa

Hi folks, here is a workaround for setting Hue --> ColorTemperature with Alexa and openHAB Cloud via “OpenHAB Skill for Alexa”.

But, you can only use it with percentage!


  1. tag your ColorTemperature item with tag [ “Lighting” ]:
Dimmer Innr_Light1_Color_Temp	"Light Dining Colortemp"			(GF_Dining)			[ "Lighting" ]	{channel="hue:0210:0017882971e8:5:color_temperature"}
  1. search for your new ColorTemperature “device” in Alexa APP.

  2. Create a new group with Alexa APP, e.g “Colortemperature Diningroom”. Add your ColorTemperature “device” from step 2 to this new group.

  3. Switch to e.g. color “white” via normal function “OpenHAB Skill for Alexa”.

  4. Then tell Alexa: “Alexa set Colortemperature Diningroom to 56 percent” (= warmwhite, 0 % = coldwhite)

I only could test this in german!!

I switched to e.g. color “white”. This is a normal function in “OpenHAB Skill for Alexa”!

My Alexa group name is in german: “Farbtemperatur Esszimmer”. Then I tell Alexa in german: “Alexa, stelle Farbtemperatur Esszimmer auf 56 Prozent” (= warmweiß)

oder “Alexa, stelle Farbtemperatur Esszimmer auf 0 Prozent” (= kaltweiß)

Don’t know, if this also is running in english, maybe you have to name your Alexa group different from “ColorTemperature Roomname”…

Have fun!

Maybe someone could test it in english and post his result here?

EDIT: Really no one is trying that?

Its also possible to create routines within the alexa app. There you could define the percentage values for the lights and the voice command.

But there is a drawback. Alexa gets confused if the routine sounds simmilar to the device name.

Therefore you have to to be distinctive in your routine voice triggers