WR3223 Ventilation controller (Schwörer Haus)

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(Michael Fraefel) #1

Discussion about the binding for WR3223 ventilation controller. This is used for room ventilation systems, for example in houses produced by company “Schwörer Haus”. The manufacturer of the controller is Hermes Electronic. (http://www.hermes-electronic.de/d/produkt/lueftungen/l_steuerungen.html)

The WR3223 binding can read several measurements and the current state of the ventilation system. It can also adjust the fan speed, operation mode and the target temperature.

(Christian Spiegel) #2

To answer @mielleman question:

I’ve connected the TTL interface to the gray connector (X6) on the backside of my WR3223. If you want to control the WR3223 you have to unplug the control panel connector X1.

As TTL adapter I used this one: Delock USB A auf TTL6 seriell Kabel

Alternatively, you can buy a “ready-to-use” adapter from Hermes electronic.

(Christian Spiegel) #3

Here you can see which pins are used on connector X6:

(Mielleman) #4

Thank you very much, this is already very clear. I will first contact Hermes for an official cable and get a quote and part number.

(Lucio Ferrari) #5

Hi! The link to www.hermes-electronic.de does not work anymore. Has anybody a copy of the user manual?

(Kristian Kuhlmann) #6

Hey Christian,

i own a WRG 400 from BauInfoCenter (SchwörerHaus KG) with WR3223. I wanted to conntect it to my openHab Server to make the thing as smart as my Heating system thanks to tado°. I bought the TTL X6 interface you linked on amazon. Received it today and opened up the housing. Unfortunately my WR3223 seems not to have a RS232 interface.

The only thing i found inspecting the PCB Layout is an I²C Slave which is bound to undocumented Pins 16 to 21. What can i do? Is there any hope?


(Stefan Eisenhuth) #7


i also have this type of controller. I tried 2 options for communication:
using a Arduino Board (to communicate with 0 … 5V) and using a USB RS232 (as far as i understood -15V … 15V).

With none of the both optioins i got any response from the WR 3223.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Do you know the voltage levels that the WR 3223 expects?

Thanks in advice

(Michael Jäger) #8

for days I am trying to get the org.openhab.binding.wr3223 to show/hook up with my openhab2 (on a RPi3) installation.
I also have a “Schwörer Haus” with the WR3223 running the air conditioning.

I turned on legacy support in the Paper UI. I put the bindings folder in the addons. I even created a .jar and
dropped it in the .kar file and put it in the addon folder. But it doesnt work.
On the command Prompt openhab list it won’t show up either.

What else can I do? is the binding even kompatible with OH2?

I have Fhem runing for years now. But could never control the WR3223.


(Markus) #9


i´m new to openhab - exclusive - for this binding ;-))
unfortunaly i can´t find de *.jar file to install this addon.
Can somebody tell me where i can find and download this?
In the git-repository there are only the single files…
Can i install this add-on with thes files too?


(Michael Jäger) #10

Hello Markus,
same here. I did switch from FHEM to Openhab mostly because of this binding. No regrets sofar.
Thanks to the bindings author’s help I got it working fine now.

You will find the .jar if you google for “wr3223 binding snapshot”

found this one just now: