Wrong openHAB Log Viewer url

I’ve just updated my Openhab installation from 2.x to 3.0.1. Had some problems with making it work, however after reinstallation of Java it started to operate normally. At least this is how it looks for now.

What I’m struggling with however is accessing frontail through web gui.

This is url opehHAB Log Viewer is pointing to:

And this is what I have configured

It looks that frontail url is right now sum of my local and docker address. When I change it manually to it naturally works.

How can I fix this?

I have a similar issue… But at mine it is not combining the adresses, it just points to a totally wrong adress.

it should point to x.x.x.230:9001 but does point to x.x.x.124 on my subnet. manually correcting the adress and it works, but there should be some place to configure it.

I asume it somewhere during the first setup “learned” the adress of the local interface, which may was assigned to it by my DHCP, as I ordered my DHCP after first boot of the openHABian image to assign another IP adress to the device.

I am sure there is a config file or option to tell where it is, but at least two of us don’t know where :slight_smile:

Found it in another thread and there are maybe even some issues around it :slight_smile:
Maybe someone should take the time to start a change request

this explains how to fix it:

in short u can find runtime.cfg in /etc/openhab/sevices (or if you did activate the recommended smb drives at your openHAB-conf drive.
replace the adress listet there with the correct one.
I did replace it by the URL, as the other apps on the sidebar also use URL and not IP… Consistency would be really nice :slight_smile:
This fixes it, even the IP of your device should change one day… Maybe someone even knows a better solution like


where I don’t know if this would work, as i beliefe that processing of runtime.cfg will not do shell expansion :slight_smile: