Wyze $5 Door/Motion Wireless Sensors

Anybody tried these sensors with OH ? I am planning to order starter kit to test.


As far as I can tell there is no published API and I can’t find anyone who as reversed engineered the API for the sensors.

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Did you watch the video ? HA community already using these sensors. Here is reversed engineered python implementation - https://github.com/HclX/WyzeSensePy

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Then you have your answer. You can use the executeCommandLine or Exec binding perhaps to make it work with openHAB.

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Sir, with all respect, please read my question. I didn’t ask how to implement this, I asked if someone from OH community using it.

This is a community of volunteers. There are no paid developers like there is at Home Assistant.
If you want to use this new product you are free to develop it yourself and may get some assistance here.
I have a couple of projects from my tome at Home Assistant that I am interested in developing at least for personal use with OpenHAB.

I could post the “This is not a HelpDesk” link like they have at Home Assistant but they just ripped it off from here anyway.

If you are wondering what right I have to say this, I ama ctively working with the wave binding database here.

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To play devil’s advocate to me is sounds like the question is more along the lines of seeing if someone else is using it, it would be nice to knowledge share to avoid reinventing the wheel instead of asking someone to develop the solution from ground up for them.


I am sorry, but it looks like we are having bad day here :smiley:
Gentlemen I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t ask HOW TO use these sensors with OH. I am experienced OH user with many custom items developed for my own environment. I just shared a link to see what people think about this product :slight_smile: @rlkoshak @Bruce_Osborne thanks for you time, I guess we can delete this topic.


Oh wait, may be this negative reaction because of video related to HA? Unbelievable… I didn’t know about “war” :slight_smile:

There is no war. I misunderstood the question. I’m on my phone at work so no I did not watch the video. I was mistaken in the original question and I spent a little bit of time searching to see if an API has been published since the last time I’ve checked (no) or if there was a github project with a reversed engineered API (I didn’t find one). So I was wrong and stopped replying.

There is no war between HA and OH that I know of (though in some areas of the web people do seem to want to join tribes).

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@r27 When your pack arrives and you have it up and running, I’d be interested to see how it works and how stable it is.

Can you update then?

Sorry, perhaps I was a little strong. I just wanted to emphasize I am familiar with HA and the issues over there, having experienced it for several months.

I have integrated the Wyze Sense door and PIR sensor using MQTT and ha-gosenseapp (https://github.com/dariopb/ha-gosenseapp)

I use a raspberry pi and connect the Wyze sense by USB to the Pi and followed the instruction in the git hub page.

To pair the sensors this page has to be open http://PIs_IP_number:8080/sensors/scan and the pairing button on the sensor should be pushed until it starts flashing red. The name of the new sensor will be shown in MQTT. Thereafter it is just to create the items in openhab:

Number WyzeDoor_1 "WyzeDoor_1: [%.0f]" <text>	 { mqtt="<[broker:gosense/777F7ACF:state:JSONPATH($.properties.state)]" }
Number WyzePIR_1 "WyzePIR_1: [%.0f]" <text>	 { mqtt="<[broker:gosense/7789C1C9:state:JSONPATH($.properties.state)]" }

This works when I start the docker file with:

sudo docker run -it --rm --net host -v /home/pi/gosenseapp/app.yaml:/app.yaml --privileged dariob/gosenseapp-pi:latest

However I would like to have the docker file included in my docker compose file, but I have not been succesful. Below works for zigbee2mqtt

      container_name: zigbee2mqtt
      image: koenkk/zigbee2mqtt
        - ./data:/app/data
        - /run/udev:/run/udev:ro
        - /dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyACM0
      restart: always
      network_mode: host
      privileged: true
        - TZ=Europe/Amsterdam

When I try to write the code for Gosenapp it does not work:

    container_name: gosenseapp-pi
    image: dariob/gosenseapp-pi
    restart: unless-stopped
	privileged: true
      - 8099:8080

Can any one please help me to correct my docker compose file?