Xiaomi Mi Home Gateway


I’m planning on purchasing the Xiaomi Mi Home Gateway. However, I can see that there are various versions of the Gateway.

Can anyone confirm if the latest Aqara ZHWG11LM work with the binding? Or will i need to purchase Mijia DGNWG05LM?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I´ve got the “non-aqara” version, which I believe is ver. 2 (Aqara is ver. 3). Ver. 2 works fine with the binding. I have no idea if the Aqara gateway (hub) will work.

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Thanks @Kim_Andersen, it does say that is supports v3. However, I did notice that it works via a dedicated app called ‘Aqara Home’ so not sure if that would work :frowning: It’s not the Mi Home app…

I cant tell, unfortunatly. But if it works like the Mi gateway, then you just need the app to get the access token… Then the binding should work…
But better let someone who already have the gateway tell.

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Thanks for all the information @Kim_Andersen.

Is anyone else able to comment?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I want to order one from Ali but it’s not clear to me which is v2 and which is v3. Can someone post some photos?

Mijia hub, (also known as V.2 and Lumi hub).

Aqara hub (also known as V.3)

They look VERY simular, but there is a sligt visual difference.
The miija has circle-form going outwards and the aqara hub is going a little inwards. (according others. I have not see the Aqara hub in real life).

The Mijia hub is working fine. I´ve got one myself.
The Aqara hub is the one, which has been difficult to get connected. But I dont know if this has been changed.

Both can become a problem to find the token, as some says the developer access have been discontinued in newer app versions. If thats the case, find an older version of the Mi home app, and use it to activate the developer, to get the token. I havn´t checked with my app, as I already has the token.

Thanks for the reply. Great, I was planning on getting the V3 then.

@alex_bartis would be great to hear how you get on, if you do purchase v3 that is :slight_smile:

Remember to check if the binding supports V3.

Could you elaborate pls?

There are more than one gateway. One is known as Aqara gateway, (the latest one) which is also known as version 3. And then there is the older Lumi gateway, which is known as version 2.
I know from a fact that the v2 works with the binding, cause I have the v2 myself. I dont know if v3 works. I believe there used to be a problem with V3 and the binding. But I dont know if this has been resolved.
I have not checked the docs for the binding in a long time, so perhaps something is mentioned in there.

Ah, I understand, so it might not be supported by the binding itself.

Thats the exact part you need to investigate :slight_smile: (ask others… I would assume there should be others in here having the Aqara hub, which should be able to tell).

PS. This is the docs. To me, it´s not quite clear, even though it do mention v3… But it shows the v2 only with the “Mi” logo. (the “real” v3 has the Aqara logo).

hello guys,

I’ve got a couple of the aqara temp sensors. I liked them so much I placed a huge order for xiaomi stuff…wireless wall switches, buttons, cube, door sensors, and motion sensor.stories Cheap as hell to order from china, but they are going to take a bit to get here.

Personally, I would never put an internet connected xiaomi device like their hub in my house. Ive read that even if you use firewall rules, the hub can actively try to get around them. Instead I use zigbee2mqtt. Works like an absolute charm.

thanks and regards

I second @namanjohnson101. I didn’t know about this in the beginning and bought couple of sensors + the gateway. Once the slow shipment came, I just used the sensors, and put the gateway in the closet. Money unnecessarily wasted.

I am unable to connect to Mi Smart Home Hub / Gateway.
I purchased the product in Hong Kong, (product number DGNWG05LM) which is convenient as it is the same plug type as where I live in the UK.
However when I download the Xiaomi Home app, the version is later (3.3.10_116) than what is specified in the Binding documentation instructions (2.xx.x).
In latter version there is no ‘About’ option, which would allow me to obtain the developers key, which is required to initiate the Binding.
Does anyone else have this problem and is able to resolve?

Search for an older version of the Mi Home app. (use Google, “how to get the token…”).

HI Kim,
Thank for your suggestions.
Actually, after more investigation today, I narrowed down the problem to the fact that the hub is not compatible with the mainline China setting on the App. When China is selected the Hub is fails to initiate. All other regions the hub communicates with the App okay.
Catch 22 as only mainline China locale setting is the only one where the dev mode can be enable and the only one where my hub does not connect. :unamused:

I can get the token from your suggestions, but cannot get in dev mode in order to follow the step in the Xiaomi binding page.
namely, steps:

2.   Go to the "..." menu on the top right corner and click "About"
3.  Tap the version number "Plug-in version : 2.XX.X" at the bottom of the screen repeatedly until you enable developer mode
4.  You should now have 2 extra options listed: `wireless communication protocol` and `hub info`
5.  Choose `wireless communication protocol`
6.  Tap the toggle switch to enable WiFi functions. Note down the developer key (aka password), something like: 91bg8zfkf9vd6uw7

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I´m not sure I understand… In order to run the Xiaomi hub with openhab, you only need the token, (and the IP adresse, ofcouse)… So if you have the token, you dont need anything else.
As far as I understand, the mentioned “developer key” IS the token.

So if you have the token (developer key), go ahead add the hub through PaperUI.