Xiaomi Mi Home Gateway

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I have no ideas… Mine work just fine, and I see no differences in yours and mine.

Yes I did! It has detected my sensors and they all appeared in the inbox.
Having trouble controlling the ambient light on the hub though.

You can also use Zigbee2mqtt as mentioned by someone earlier.

Don’t you see this page when you go to “about”?


I can’t get to this screen as I don’t have the ‘About’ option in the App.
This option is only available in China Mainland version of the App.
My hub doesn’t not pair/connect with this China version of the App, even though it does connect when the app is set to other global regions. However, when in these other regions, the About option is not available.
So infuriating.
Which version number and region of the app are you using in your screen shot?
I would be interested in trying anything to get my Xioami products (I bought a lots of them!) linked to OpenHAB.


I´m using the latest version found on Play store (android). It has the “about” option allright…

Yes, but please could I check that you’re using the China Locale AND you have managed to connect to your hub?

This is the combination is what I cannot achieve.


I envy your set-up as this is sadly what I’m unable to do. I cannot connect to hub when locale is set to China. I can connect to hub when connected to other countries.
See below:
Here are my devices set-up and connected with UK server.

Note I cannot obtain a About menu item when in UK:

Then I connect using my location as China Mainland:

When in China I try to reconnect devices, as there connection is remove when changing to new countries:

As can be seen I am unable to connect. Which means I am unable to access any About menu item.

I see now, your´s is actually the european version (xxx05LM). I have a pretty hard feeling you wont be able to connect this in Mainland China.
Now that doesnt quite explain, howcome you cant add it as a european device and get the key for adding it to openhab. But I see others saying the same. I guess you´re either need a hack (like this: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/22078 )
Or the chinese hub.


Yeah - I’m stuck. I did already try the github/home-assistant link previously, and that didn’t work either.
So, it’s either a chinese hub (who knows if that’ll work with my other Xiaomi prodcuts) or do the Zigbee2mqtt , which looks majorly complicated to me.
Can anyone help with Zigbee2mqtt ??


Unfortunatly I dont. I have the opposite problem. I cant change to europe, and therefore I cant test wether my Mijia devices will work.

Apologies, I’ve not been monitoring this thread.

A bit of an update from me; I did get the gateway to connect in the end. Although, I had to physically open the hub and solder pins to the headers to open port 9898 to allow the binding to connect. However, I did find the gateway would disconnect from time to time.

So i decided to look into Zigbee2mqtt, it is quite daunting at first when you look at the surface. But i assure you it’s quite straight-forward. I’m happy to help @banier if you want any information/help - just drop me a direct message :slight_smile: I do feel its a better solution than the gateway in all honesty!

Hi Jeewan,
Thanks for your message. And thank you for your offer of help on this (quite frustrating) issue.
I’m very interested in trying out this Zigbee2mqtt solution, however, as you predicted, I did find it extremely daunting when I looked over it a few weeks ago. This is especially so, as I’m not versed in MQTT as yet (but I do need to learn).
I hope to get back onto MQTT thing over the Christmas period. Hopefully we can make further contact then. If you have any further tips/suggestions, then do let me know.


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Hi @banier,
I found the same before I had an understanding/appreciation of MQTT. In all fairness I watched a load of YouTube videos to understand it…
Please let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, this works for my!!!

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Hello Jose, did it work?

Hi Jeevs,
It’s been a while (I needed a cool dark room for a number of days [months] to get over the Mi Home Binding connection issues)
I’m just about to embark on the Zigbee2mqtt solution.
I’ve completed some basic tutorials and followed a few examples of using mqtt, so think I might be ready to get the mqtt broker to work my my Xiaomi equipment.
Do you have any good pointers / advice on the process?


Hi @banier,

Will send you a DM, rather than filling this thread :slight_smile:


No one succeeded on obtaining the Developer Key from european version (xxx05LM)?

It’s a pity not being able to connect it to OpenHAB :cry: