Yahoo Weather issue

Since Friday, I’ve been getting this error in my logs, and stale weather data from Yahoo:

2016-03-27 23:10:12.096 [WARN ] [.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector] - Unable to respond to any of these challenges: {oauth=OAuth oauth_problem=“OST_OAUTH_PARAMETER_ABSENT_ERROR”, realm=“”}
2016-03-27 23:10:12.099 [WARN ] [] - Method failed: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

I did add the “woeid” to my openhab.cfg file, per the latest weather binding (Yahoo) requirement, but that hasn’t changed anything. I’m wondering if this is actually an http binding issue? Yahoo is the only site the http binding is used for, so far.

I also have upgraded to 1.8.2, but this error predates that, and has not disappeared since the upgrade.

Any ideas, or anyone seen the same?

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Nevermind - apparently, the yahoo weather items I was using (since installing OH back at version 1.6) were obsolete now, using an XSLT http transform. I switched to using the weather binding directly, with wunderground as the provider, and all is well now!

I do have the same problem…any solution available?

Yeah, don’t use Yahoo… I’ve given up on them and am about to change to wunderground. My issue is that the temperature keeps alternating between Celsius and Fahrenheit randomly. It’s screwing mostly with my “maximum temperature” persistence so my graphs are all over the show. Very frustrating.

I did not have this problem of switching from Cel. to Far. with Yahoo (1.8.1 jar and 1.8.0) when it was working. And talking about frustration, Openhab is a bit part of that as well…

Just chiming in as i use the “4 hour rule” for my yahoo weather and conversion to F. Always works perfectly. No issues. Latest OH from the site.

Regarding C vs F, the issue is not whether Yahoo works or not - it always provides ‘data’, the problem for me (and a few others) is that it randomly changes from Celsius to Fahrenheit at various intervals, ZERO config changes on OH - just randomly for periods of a few hours it will alter from C to F. I’m on 1.8.2 with 1.8.1 weather binding. Anyways I’ve moved to wunderground and had no problems since (touch wood) so I suspect a Yahoo issue.