Yamaha MusicCast


Binding to control Yamaha models via their MusicCast protocol (aka Yamaha Extended Control).

With support for 4 zones : main, zone2, zone3, zone4. Main is always present. Zone2, Zone3, Zone4 are read from the model.


Version 0.85

  • contains all previous bugfixes.


Original discussion thread:

Source code:

Download OH3.3 Jar


Please add the link to your Pull Request.

It’s fine :slight_smile: There is no official MusicCast binding so as an original contribution it’s allowed on the marketplace even with no intent to add it to the distribution.

I added the link to the original discussion, and to the source code (it is mandatory to provide the source code). Ideally there would be a license for that code.

It’s only for alternate versions of official add-ons that proving the intent of contributing back is necessary.

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Sorry, my bad…

Thanks @ysc
No worries @hmerk
However, I must make some time for official PR as it is working stable since a few months.