[yamahareceiver] how to set up netradio?

As I am new to openhab my question might sound like a newbie one, but I did not get netradio to tune in to one of my bookmarks. Could there be provided an example of how to use the navigation channels? i do not get how to use those efficiently. I probably have to provide a set of rules as simple String selections like for this item

Switch Radio_Power "Power" <radioPower> (gRadio) {channel="yamahareceiver:zone:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0ded0274e:Zone_2:zone_channels#power"}
String Yamaha_NetRadioStation  "Net Radio" <netRadio> {channel="yamahareceiver:zone:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0ded0274e:Zone_2:navigation_channels#navigation_menu"}

in this sitemap

sitemap esszimmer label="Esszimmer und Küche" {
    Frame label="Radio" {
        Switch item=Radio_Power
        Selection item=Yamaha_NetRadioStation label="Sender" mappings=["Deutschlandfunk"="Deutschlandfunk", "SWR2 Kulturradio"="SWR2 Kulturradio"]

shows no effects. Btw., the power switch works. From the logs I see that navigation_menu doesn’t find the respective station in NET RADIO, maybe a path issue? Should be in Bookmarks/My__Favorites, but how to navigate there?

Thanks for any help, appreciate it!

Please be aware that a big feature update of the Yamaha binding took place recently and will be released with OH 2.3 but is available in the snapshot as well.

The old navigation never worked for me.


Hi David, thanks for your reply. I have the Openhab2-snapshot version installed from the apt repos depicted in the documentation and the binding-yamahareceiver-2.2.0.SNAPSHOT, which is the version I see in ‘Paper UI’.

Would you mind posting your working config files as a example for navigation?

Thanks four your help,


The paperui listed version might be too old. Could you please remove all Yamaha related things and start a discovery? You should see a Yamaha AVR Thing first and after adding that you should be able to add zone things. If you only see the main zone Yamaha thing you are still on the old version.

Please also read the readme regarding new available channels.

Cheers David

Hi David,

thanks again for your help. I did a new and fresh install the first time
just a few day ago and repeated that. I also see the Zone2 thing as well
as the main one. So everything alright there. I also see all the
navigation channels. I tried those in various combinations to try to
navigate to the two netradio stations (see my first posting for the
simplest try…, I also tried to introduce various navigation switches
for select, navigate up/down and such). I guess I just miss something
obvious, as I am an newbie to openhab :-/

Of course I read the readme and also various old ones from the git repo

I think a ‘real world example configuration set’ might help me out,
eventually. Could you provide me one?


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Hi David,

I just don’t get how to get a navigation menu working generally, I guess. I would appreciate any example on how to work with this. Could you provide one?


No I can’t I don’t have an avr at hand at the moment.

I am also interested in a description on how to use the navigation controls in order to choose a net radio station. I am actually struggling to understand how to bind the channels to an individual item as these navigation channels do not provide any item type, such as string, number, switch, etc.

I would expect to use the navigation channels within a rule, but what’s the path to walk from here?

The problem is the lack of matching widgets. The channels do have item types, but there is no pushbutton, no up/down button only a switch so far. Therefore paperui cannot provide means to control those channels.

Cheers David

All right, but would it be possible to use these channels in rules? That way you could change the internet radio station (or whatever you want to change) from your sitemap using combo boxes or something like that.

How are you using that stuff?

Anyone done this yet?

I have been walking around the navigation channels and never had the need to use this. I could give it a try in next week once I find some time. In the end, it would be good to add an example to the addon documentation.

That’d be handy - thanks

Tomasz - how do you walk around the nav channels?

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Can anyone post a simple example o how o select a NetRadio station? This has been asked by a few peole an I from the MANY pull requests that seem to be floating around, this has been done - but the sample code in the helps docs does not including station selection.

Hi huys,

my solution finally was to switch to iobroker. I am more than impressed
how easy things go there compared to OpenHAB, sorry to say that :confused: Even
HABPanel is available there

Cheers and all the best

So, are you saying that you are able to completely control your Yamaha receiver via ioBroker? Are you able to control it via Alexa?

Hi, not yet, I have not so much time currently to configure things. But I managed to find this thread:
http://forum.iobroker.net/viewtopic.php?t=3623 (I guess from you name, you’re german, too? Else you will find a way to translate for sure)
so at least there is a way. The navigation is a bit messy there, too, as it is not built in to the adapter and needs xml-workarounds. But generally, iobroker is so much more self-explaining than OpenHAB, I head the functionality I had for Yamaha so far in a fraction of the time it took for OpenHAB. I have a very clear preference now. There is also an OpenHAB adapter in iobroker, it should be possible to your existing OpenHAB instance smoothly with this(?) if you only want to improve yamaha stuff?

I have net radio setup and working we only listen to a few radio stations.

see the below and I hope it helps

from my sitemap

Frame label="Media" {
                  Default    item=Lounge_TV         label="Entertainment Power" icon="screen"
                  Default    item=Amp_Power         label="Amp Power" icon="player"
                  Default    item=Lounge_Input      label="Current Input [%s]" icon="player" visibility=[Amp_Power==ON]
                  Selection  item=Lounge_Input      mappings=[HDMI1="HDMI1",HDMI2="HDMI2",Bluetooth="Bluetooth","NET RADIO"="Net Radio"] label="Change Input" icon="player" visibility=[Amp_Power==ON]
                  Selection  item=AMP_Lounge_Preset mappings=[3="ZM",2="The Rock",1="The Edge"] label="Change Station" icon="player" visibility=[Lounge_Input=="NET_RADIO"]
                  Default    item=Amp_Volume        label="Lounge Volume" icon="soundvolume" visibility=[Amp_Power==ON]

from my items file

Switch   Amp_Power                    "Amp Power"              <switch>         (Lounge, Media, MediaLounge)            ["Switchable"] {channel="yamahareceiver:zone:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0ded8ecf0:Main_Zone:zone_channels#power"}
Dimmer   Amp_Volume                   "Lounge Volume [%.1f %%]"  <soundvolume>  (Lounge, Media, MediaLounge)            ["Lighting"]   {channel="yamahareceiver:zone:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0ded8ecf0:Main_Zone:zone_channels#volume"}
String   Lounge_Input                 "Input [%s]"            <video>       (Lounge, Media, MediaLounge)                           { channel="yamahareceiver:zone:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0ded8ecf0:Main_Zone:zone_channels#input" }
Number   AMP_Lounge_Preset            "Input [%s"             <number>         (Lounge, Media, MediaLounge)                          { channel="yamahareceiver:zone:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0ded8ecf0:Main_Zone:playback_channels#preset" }