Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

I’m using a combination of Tasker & Motion Detector on my Nexus 7 which works quite nicely after tweaking the settings for a few days.

The only drawback I found so far is that HABpanel opens in window after wall tablet gets activated even though its in kiosk mode.

First of all there are at least 3 generations of SiBo hardware
old 2 core CPU android 4.2.2
2nd gen 4 Core CPU and android 4.4
and 3rd Gen with 8 Core CPU they just released DEC 16. and I have not purchased that one yet.

While the first gen of SIBO did had a 0.3 Mpx camera that was terrible and I doubt it would work in night.On the second gen of hardware they did not bother. No camera so that is not an option.

The tablets do shine in night and having one in the bedroom would certainly be irritating, I did sleep in the living room once and it was bright from the backlight glow.

The second gen hardware comes with the android 4.4 and it has brightness dimming on inactivity.
That is much nicer in night but in full sun the tablet is not legible and requires a tap to bring it to full brightness. This is far more annoying and I decided to disable that with an app. I have them shine at full brightness all the time. The optimal solution would be an app that allows custom level of brightnes based on the external light sensor from OH or time of the day taking in account geo position an time of the year. On the to do list, very far on the bottom

The power use is not an issue, at 4.5W per tablet at full brightnes it is acceptable for me. My forced ventilation is 250W.

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I use Fully Kiosk Browser and it have an API to control the screen (ON/OFF) so I turn Off all my tab when I go to bed then with other motion sensor link to openhab if I get up in the middle of the night the sensor get it and turn my tablette back ON

And in the Day I let them open !

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What is your api to turn the screen on and off?
Right now i’m using Fully Kiosk Browsers camera motion detection and it works quite well.
Is there a way I can tell F-K-B to turn on the screen via ?

I would love to use the dedicated motion sensors in my rooms to trigger the “screen ON” signal again, but want to avoid using additional apps (Tasker etc.) to make that happen.

found it, i can use Fullys REST interface…


If you have Remote Admin enabled, you can use it’s features as a simple REST interface in order to control the device from your local network. The base URL address is always http://ip-address:2323. You have to specify the Remote Admin Password on the URL. Don’t forget to URLencode all query string parameters.

Starting with Fully 1.15 you can add type=json to the query string in order to get a short JSON response.

/?cmd=triggerMotion&password=[pass] (Fully 1.12+)

It’s a Rest API

This is my item :

Switch TabKitchen {exec=">[ON:curl] >[OFF:curl]"}

I guest you could use HTTP binding I was more confortable with exec !

Here all the documentation there is a lot of thing you can do

No one answer me yet on this question I’m gonna try to ask it to you :

Do you use this : Custom widget: Current Weather
in my case the icon appear black and doesn’t move with fully and I was wondering if I can fix it

EDIT Oh… i was not fast enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you can still use my item if you want


Perfect, saves me some time! Thank you!

Sorry i’m currently not using the weather widget at all so I can’t help you there.
Does it work in Chrome? If it does but not in Fully - maybe the Fully-Developer might help you?

Yes it work with chorme ! I try to ask to de fully dev but he didn’t help me so much

this is the email :

If something appears on the website not in the way it should appear, the first question is: What is you Android version? If you are running Android 5.0 and newer please install Android System Webview from Google Play. Then the website rendering result should be the same as in latest Chrome on Android.

If you have Android 4.4 or less there is an outdated and buggy Webview brought by your Android which can’t be updated. Fully can only use the Webview provided by Android. Something can be very buggy on your website with this Android Webview.

There is a little chance but you can also try to change the Graphics Acceleration setting in Other Settings in Fully (reload the website each time). If it’s a kind of hardware acceleration issues this may help.

Not that I try to change the Graphics Acceleration setting

I use a Samsung tablet which I embedded in a traditional picture (painting) frame.

For now I use Chrome browser, but I was not really able to get HABPanel kiosk=on mode do anything. So it is kind of a not complete setup, still struggling with going full screen by default.

I also tried Fully Kiosk Browser and found out there was a fatal glitch: when I use colorful icons from Eclipse Smarthome Classic set, they get resized incorrectly upon restoring them to original state. For the bulbs on the picture below, when I enable them they look fine, but when I subsequently turn them off, they blow up. Has anyone observed/overcome this?



This looks great. Cant tell, but is the tablet immersed in the wall – ie, does it lay flat on the drywall or is the drywall cut out behind it? if flat on the wall, any issues with heating from the battery?

It is not immersed but it’s back is basically touching the wall with its back, the wall is not dry wall but plastered bricks, so maybe it works like a radiator a bit.
But I am also supplying it with 5V over a long cable which is not the right approach - the current is low and it is not charging the battery, though it is enough to keep it from discharging - probably all the energy goes to the current tablet’s operations. I am waiting for a delivery of PoE to USB adapter which I plan to plant behind the tablet - then it should start charging and I will see about the heat dissipation.


Great, thanks for the details.

So now I installed a PoE to USB converter in a small space I had to carve in the wall behind the tablet.

When the tablet is fully charged there is basically no noticeable heat on it or the converter even if the screen is always on.

Converter can become hot only when charging a significantly drained battery, which eventually will happen in case of a prolonged power outage.

Then there is an app which can come in handy which I still need to check out.

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Thanks for the follow up!

Hi! I just got my first cheap tablet to play with.
There is already one thing that bothers me quite a lot …
When i don’t hit the slider correctly and swipe the menu shows up.
Is there a way to prevent this? I already disabled “prevent scrolling” but it’s not working.

Another point: I just purchased the “pro” version and it’s working good.
When it’s pretty dark, the cam doesnt recognize movement. I’d like to unlock the screen by just touching it. i cannot find a menu item for this. i configured “device movement” as a workaround and tap pretty hard. Is there a menu item for just touch or is the screen disabled fully?

Thank you!

Jonas88 - link to the cheap and pro tablets you’re using please?

i just got a 70€ chinese tablet with android 7. nothing pro about that. i mean i purchased the full software to unlock the “pro” features of the Fully Kiosk Browser Lockdown

Hi @ppieczul
I’m glad you provided a picture because when I first read that I thought exploding light bulbs.:astonished:
I had something like that happen to me. Enlarged Icons that is.
I figured out I had the Backdrop Icon set the same as the Icon and were set at different sizes.
I’m no expert but I hope that helps.

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I don’t have backdrop icons at all where the enlarging happens. Also this does not happen with chrome, only with full kiosk browser and another one that I checked. I could not make that go away so far.

Did anyone try to mount the tablet using neodym magnets or are they too strong and interfer with the electronics?