Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

Thanks - What a pity.
Even in FKB itself there is a setting called
"Set Wifi Wakelock – das WLAN immer wach halten (normalerweise nicht benötigt, ver. 1.16+)"
(force wifi to keep awake)
But it’s not working as expected. :frowning:

I actually tried about 10 and they didn’t work- it appeared that Amazon’s software update was preventing them from working. I gave up before I knew about the serial number trick.

I ended up setting up the Fire for my son so I decided I’d just do a POE setup for HABPane. I actually already have Ethernet run behind the wall so it’ll be an easy drop-in install.

That’s great to hear! I think I’ll take the leap and try it.

I’m an iOS guy so I don’t know much about Android. Should Android 4.4 be up to the task of running HabPanel on something like Fully Kiosk Browser?

According to the programmers website it is compatible with 4.4 and up.
For 4.1 to 4.3 there is a special older version available.

Another work around may be to use Tasker to show a blank screen eg. as an overlay (and keep the underlying tablet running and so unlocked via the Developer Options). This combined with a Motion Sensor app to get rid of the blank screen overlay may work in place of disabling the lock screen.

I might have been wrong about the “keep wifi connected”.
I tried it again (possibly the restart made the difference) and wifi seems to keep the connection.
So I am able to lock the screen.

With the REST interface I am also able to monitor, if I succeed locking the screen.

However, I need to keep an eye on the wifi connection itself as well as the battery life using a permanent wifi connection.

Android 4.x is pretty old. Hence why sihui says FKB has ‘special older versions’ for 4.1 - 4.3. You could soon find FKB say 4.4 is an ‘older’ version and then you start to lose new features etc on updates.

If it is a fairly generic OEM tablet though you might have more of a chance to root and upgrade the OS. But I would try and find/pick one that has an identifiable model and then look it up on the likes of the XDA developer forums to find upgrade paths, although they can still have issues sometimes with full hardware support.

The HABPanelViewer also looks interesting as an FKB alternative but it’s Android 6 and up.


today I finished my first real wall mount tablet. My hardware is a lenovo tab 3 7, the frame is made from alu profiles and the charger is an in wall charger in a switch socket behind the tablet. Alltogether about 70€
The tablet starts charging via a presence detector (KNX).
In daydream mode, I have to tap once to unlock the tablet, in lockscreen mode I have to tap it twice. Maybe I will change that with kiosk browser but for now this is fine for me.

Maybe this is a inspiration for some of you



use the FKB “screensaver” and set the screensaver URL to "dim:"
depending on the screen technology (OLED screen will be OFF and black, regular LED screen will just be black, some backlight shining through). when you touch the tablet the screen will revert to on

i use this method on a 50$ Amazon Fire 7 (most current) and it works a treat. tablet does not revert to any lock screens or anything. its dark all day until you touch it or it gets motion activated (FKB).

so yeah, the amazon fire tablets are annoying, but they can be made to work with some settings in FKB.

and i use a 3D printed mount for it:

I have a samsung tab pro 8.4 as another panel. I used a router and made a “picture frame” for it. i’ll try to post pictures to night if anyone is interested.

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Hi Daniel,

Very nice setup, but what do you mean with “The tablet starts charging via a presence detector (KNX).” ?

Br, Chris.


Hi Maciej,

I really love the simple and easy to read panels you are creating!
One question though, would it be possible to get the widget code of your “Name / Time / Temp” panel at the top?

It might just be me who have overlooked it somewhere, but could you point me in the right direction then :).


here it is someone asked about it already in unrelated thread:

Hi Chris

The charger is connected to a KNX actor wich turns on for 30 minutes after the presence detector detects a person. It would also be possible to activate the panal via OH item but I want the charger to turn off the most of the day too.

I hope that was understandable.



Thanks for getting back to.
I’m sorry, but the widget / setting I was asking after was the topbar if you could call it that. The one showing the Room Name / Time and Temperature.

it was there in the 8 point thermostat thread

Here is the code.

               position: absolute;
               background: rgba(0,0,0,0);
               top: 15px; width: 100%;
               height: 60px;
               border-width: 0px 0px 1px 0px;
               border-style: solid;
               border-color: #666666;
               font-size: 2.3em;
               font-family: Roboto, Helvetica, sans-serif;

<div class="row" style="font-weight: bold;
                        " >
  <div class="col-md-4" style="top: 2px" >Entrance </div>
  <div class="col-md-4" style="top: -3px">
    	<div ng-init="clockmodel={
              }"><p class="text-center"><widget-clock ng-model="clockmodel" style="padding: 0px;" /></p></div></div>
  <div class="col-md-4" style="top: -4px; font-size: 24px;">
    <p class="text-right" style="-webkit-margin-after: -2px;"> Outside: {{'%.1f °C' | sprintf: itemValue('G_Temperature_t2q_Gardenbox')}} </p>	 
    <p class="text-right" style="-webkit-margin-after:  0px;"> Pool: {{'%.1f °C' | sprintf: itemValue('G_Temperature_wn8_pool')}} </p>


Hey guys,

So I finally have my cheap Lenovo tab 3 on the wall with power source. I’m using FKB for displaying my habpanel.
Now, what do I need to do, in order to just “dim” the screen as someone mentioned, but go back to habpanel as soon as someone pressed or motion is detected.

Currently I also experience the everytime motion is detected the webpage is being refreshed. Even though my connection is good it still takes a few secs to reload which I don’t like. I don’t want to wait for being able to turn on lights etc.
Any good conf solutions to that?

Habpanelviewer is the best answer I believe.

it seems the settings in FKB have what you ask for:

The screensaver would dim your Tablet to e.g. 10% with „dim:10“ after X minutes of inactivity. You can choose whether to reload the page after screensaver stops etc.


Hi @zacofunny,

I was looking into this and it looks promising. But is it available at Play Store yet?

You can install it either manually by downloading the app (app-debug.apk)
or wait few days for the updated app in playstore as it is going to be updated soon.

Thanks man… Will wait for the app on play store.
I hope you guys will post in here when available :slight_smile: