Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

I had the same problem, now I use the Fully Kiosk Browser, where you can set it to reload the page after a while.

Looked at that but couldn’t find if privacy is protected or it shares data. Did you investigate?

Well, I can’t choose the percentage. It’s on or off. I assume the manufacturer chooses the best percentage for the type of battery that’s inside.

Hi everyone.

I know this is an older thread but am hoping someone will see this and possibly have a suggestion.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 that I will be using as a control panel.
One challenge I have is finding a USB-C extension for it with charging and data connectivity.
The tablet will be powered by a POE to USB-C adapter so it will have a LAN connection and charge all-in-one.
The POE adapter I have has a fixed USB-C cable on it, but I would like to connect this to an adapter that is low profile.
Here is an Amazon link for similar to what I am looking for, but I only want the short, flat male USB-C portion with the female end so I can connect the POE adapter to it. To purchase the item at the link seems like a waste of money, $28 for a short extension and a 3 ft USB cable. This could be a last resort but I’d rather not if possible.

Has anyone seen anything like this extension? I’ve been looking on Amazon and Aliexpress but no luck yet. The ones on Ali have a circuit boad on them and won’t look too good as it will be expoised.

Thanks in advance

Does your tablet have a pogo pin connector (usually 4 or 6 metal points on the bottom for a docking station/stand)? Google it for a picture. It’s basically an USB, I use that one to connect my wall mounted tablet since it uses very little space. The connector fits easy in the frame that holds the tablet on the wall.

Thanks for the suggestion Michel, but looking at my tablet it does not have a pogo pin interface.


So I have a bunch of these cheap Qi charger adaptors i get off of amazon ( they come in USB-C , USB-A and Lightning versions). I’m currently have 5 wall mounted tablets using them. What i do is pull apart the Qi section, and solder that flat ribbon cable part to a regular USB cord, which i then connect to a low voltage power source behind the wall.


But @Craigers i do like the convenience of the ones you found on amazon, even if they are overpriced, if those were available when i mounted my tablets , i probably would have done that instead. Here’s a $15 dollar one i may try out at some point.

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Thanks @digitaldan for the suggestion of the QI charger connector hack. Unfortunately my soldering skills are beginning to suffer as I’ve been stubornly not admitting I need stronger glasses lol…
Yes I agree the Amazon item is pricey for what it is but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent more money on items I did not end up using or didn’t work the way I had hoped for home automation, plus me learning about electronics as a hobby. So that would not be my last ‘overpriced’ purchase.
This is a huge coincidence, but I actually ordered the cable you linked earlier this morning. It is on flash sale for $11.99 Canadian right now plus another $2.00 off coupon. I have USB-C couplers somewhere so it should work for me. My concern is the 3.3ft length would be tight to bundle up in the recessed Arlington box I’ve installed with the POE to USB-C adapter, which is why I was looking at the first item I linked.

Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated.

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