Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

(T Dods) #41

Great, thanks for the details.

(Pawel Pieczul) #42

So now I installed a PoE to USB converter in a small space I had to carve in the wall behind the tablet.

When the tablet is fully charged there is basically no noticeable heat on it or the converter even if the screen is always on.

Converter can become hot only when charging a significantly drained battery, which eventually will happen in case of a prolonged power outage.

Then there is an app which can come in handy which I still need to check out.

(T Dods) #43

Thanks for the follow up!

(Jonas) #44

Hi! I just got my first cheap tablet to play with.
There is already one thing that bothers me quite a lot …
When i don’t hit the slider correctly and swipe the menu shows up.
Is there a way to prevent this? I already disabled “prevent scrolling” but it’s not working.

Another point: I just purchased the “pro” version and it’s working good.
When it’s pretty dark, the cam doesnt recognize movement. I’d like to unlock the screen by just touching it. i cannot find a menu item for this. i configured “device movement” as a workaround and tap pretty hard. Is there a menu item for just touch or is the screen disabled fully?

Thank you!

(Joni Chu) #45

Jonas88 - link to the cheap and pro tablets you’re using please?

(Jonas) #46

i just got a 70€ chinese tablet with android 7. nothing pro about that. i mean i purchased the full software to unlock the “pro” features of the Fully Kiosk Browser Lockdown

(Ryan Houtz) #47

Hi @ppieczul
I’m glad you provided a picture because when I first read that I thought exploding light bulbs.:astonished:
I had something like that happen to me. Enlarged Icons that is.
I figured out I had the Backdrop Icon set the same as the Icon and were set at different sizes.
I’m no expert but I hope that helps.

(Pawel Pieczul) #48

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I don’t have backdrop icons at all where the enlarging happens. Also this does not happen with chrome, only with full kiosk browser and another one that I checked. I could not make that go away so far.

(E. Gerland) #49

Did anyone try to mount the tablet using neodym magnets or are they too strong and interfer with the electronics?

(Hallo Ween) #50

I tried some other things to mount with neodym magnets, and i can say, that you need a small mounting angle or something similar, which can uphold your tablet on the bottom side, because the tablet will slide down, even with strong mangnets.

Or maybe my magnets were to weak, but if you press the on/off button, it maybe will move a little bit only with magnets.

(Volker Bier) #51

I had a piece of wood lying around and used that to create a mount:

It only took 2 hours to make it and it does not look too bad. It is mounted pretty close to the wall and covers
a usb power socket that powers the tablet. You can see a part of it glimpse out behind the tablet:

It is an android tablet running habpanelviewer, which is an app I wrote myself. You can find it here on the forum.

(Dan) #52

has anyone found any tablet mounts that are entire flush, i.e. with almost everything behind the plasterboard?

(Hallo Ween) #53

Maybe you can use something like this, remove the front leather cover and screw the rest to the wall?

(Stefan) #54

That’s how I attached my Tablet to the wall…

Used heavy duty Tesa “power strips” to attach one bracket to the tab.
Second bracket is screwed to the wall.

Advantage is you don’t see the fixture and the Tab “floats” infront of the wall.
Two Bolts into the top holes connect the two brackets.

(Hallo Ween) #55

Can you show us a real picture of your mount?

Have you screwed the two plates together or are this two bolts only put into the holes without any further mounting?

(Stefan) #56

I’ll take a picture when I get back home.

It’s bolts with nuts, so that the connection is rigid with no flex.

(SiHui) #57

That is exactly how I did it:

(William Hedrick) #58

I have an old Nexus 7 with a dock. I was initially going to use Ubuntu to run it in some sort of kiosk mode, but it was clunky. I rolled it back to Android 5.0.3 and found Fully Kiosk Browser. Now it works great! The dock not only helps it pass the wife’s aesthetics test, but gives it portability when I want it! (Please ignore the licensing watermarks. I took this photo when I was first testing the app.)

(Stefan) #59

Here are some Pics:

(Dan Cunningham) #60

So I replaced all of my 1st gen Nexus tablets + asus dock (what @William_Hedrick has above) with 2nd gen Nexus tablets. The big benefit was a much faster processor (and 2gb of memory!) plus wireless QI charging. I can pick them up on ebay for around $75. I have a wall mount setup and a counter setup. My wife is a residential and commercial interior designer, so aesthetics are important :slight_smile:

This is my homemade wall mount, it uses a wireless QI charger, some hobby wood painted black and 3m picture Strips. The stips are rated to something like 20 pounds, so they really hold the tablet, but allow for easy removal if I need to work on the tablet.

The counter top version uses just a simple QI wireless stand, The picture does not really do it justice, but this stand makes the tablet feels like it’s floating on the counter top. This obviously makes it easy to pick up the tablet if need be, but most of the time I just used it mounted. I was afraid it might be flimsy just resting on the stand, but it’s very solid.