Z-Wave Binding: Aeotec Z-Wave stick 7 (ZWA010) not listed as supported Thing

Hi All,
Did a fresh install of OH3 onto RP 4.
(BTW: Had the same issue with Frontail not starting, as discussed in another branch)
Connected a new Aeotec Z-Stick 7 (ZWA010). The stick was recognized as Z-Wave controller. But I am not sure it is using correct binding.
I do not see ZWA010 on the list of supported things: Things Summary - ZWave | openHAB
And, perhaps, it could be a reason why OH can’t recognize Fibaro Eye (FGMS001) when I try to add it to Z-Wave network. It can see the device, but does not retrieve the model and does not detect any channels.
Is support for ZWA010 planned to be added any time soon?

Hi Oleg,

welcome to the forum

Controllers do not need to be defined in the ZWave database. Mine isn’t listed there but it works flawlessly.

However, you may want to check out this posting. Although it is a bit dated, as far as I know, the limitation described there is still valid.

Thanks Stefan.
I am actually running OH2 on RP4 for a while and it works fine with the Aeotec Z-Stick 5 gen.
But now I wanted (finally) to migrate to OH3 and got a new RP and a new Z-Stick 7.
So, wondering if I’ll run into any issues with 700 series controller. (Unless @chris already solved them)