Z-Wave database update

The Z-Wave device database has been running for a month or so now, and we’re slowly adding to the number of devices with ‘complete’ data - thanks to everyone who has added to this.

As time goes on, I’m adding to a number of consistency checks to try and ensure the data is ‘correct’. This might be to find data entry errors, or to try and improve the overall ‘quality’ of the data. The errors are quite obvious - if we leave them in, then things probably won’t work - warnings are probably in a similar boat, so if you see these at the top of the device page when you’re updating the data, please try and resolve them.

The other type of notice is more a quality check. For example, some parameter labels might be very long, and this won’t work well in the user interface (it might cause the line to wrap for example), so we have a ‘recommendation’ to shorten it and add more data to the other fields. Another example is the database checks if the device supports associations, and if so, it checks if any groups are linked to the controller, and if not, it provides this ‘notice’. Ideally, I’d like to eliminate these so that we have a consistent data set, although these notices (in blue in the device summary page) can reasonably safely be ignored (for now :wink:), but please at least read them after you’ve updated the device to make sure there’s nothing you really should look at further (like the associations).

Below is a view of the device summary page which shows any warnings and errors for all devices in the database. The green tick on the beginning of the line indicates if the device has been ‘published’, which means it’s generated the OH2 database entry which will (semi)automatically be placed into the OH2 binding. For now at least, the OH1 binding is still a manual task until we increase the number of devices with completed data.

As can also be seen in the image above, we have quite a large set of manuals that have been uploaded - this is really useful, and I’d encourage anyone updating data for their devices to also upload the manual if you can find it on the web. This can help with debugging any device issues as well as being a useful reference for users…


This is awesome (as usual) Chris - there is no doubt this is going to become an invaluable tool for both openHAB and any other Z-Wave based solution. Can’t wait to have the b*lls to move to openHAB v2 and try out your new self-discovering binding!

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What is the best procdure to update my OH2 system if just want to have the latest z-wave database?

You just need to replace the binding with the latest version. Uninstall the current one in PaperUI, and reinstall it again (assuming you are using the online version of the distro).

Hmm, I am using the offline version at the moment. Would you recommend me to use the on line version instead or how do I update the bindings in the off line version?

I suspect if you use the offline version, to upgrade, you’d need to download a new distribution of the offline version.

It’s probably easier to use the online version…

I would add one thing to what @chris said in that after you add the new one, restart openHAB. The process of removing has not always been a clean one for me for whatever reason.