Z-Wave device should exist in database, but isn't recognized

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Hi all,

I am attempting to include a Jasco ZW4008, and am attempting to figure out if there’s an issue with the inclusion process, or if it’s just busted and needs to be replaced.

The device is included in the network, it sends the correct manufacturer ID, device type, and Device ID, they appear to match what’s in the database but remains an unknown device. I know it sometimes takes a little while for the binding to interrogate devices, but it’s mains powered and has been included for a month or more, so I’m thinking something isn’t right.

I excluded it a few times, and also did the 3-up, 3-down reset. Just now I’ve enabled debug mode and included it once more, and captured the logs. The device in question is NODE 26.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be going wrong here?

Thank you!

No, because you have not stated what version of openHAB you are running. (or what version of the zwave binding)

Sorry, forgot that… Stable across the board. 3.0.1 release build.

There were some database export issues when 3.0.1 was released. They were resolved shortly after that. You may want to try manually installing a snapshot version of the binding. The script should work or the README has the manual instructions.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Thanks Bruce, unfortunate that the released version had issues, but that’s a good explanation.

When I update to the next stable release, will I also need to remember to update the zwave binding with Scott’s script?

Actually, I would manually delete the jar file & install the binding from the upgrade.
After installing the snapshot binding you may need to delete the OH Thing & re-discover to get the latest settings.

Did this device work at one time?

Only if you installed the snapshot version. If you do use a snapshot, just remove it from the add-ons and then upgrade to the next stable version and install the version included in the stable version through the user interface. If you try the snapshot version now, uninstall the one in the user interface first, then just drop the snapshot version .jar file in the add-ons folder

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@Andrew_Rowe It worked with a different system (Hubitat).

@Bruce_Osborne The script is failing on a vanilla openhabian install, says it can’t remove existing unmanaged bindings (makes sense, there aren’t any yet). I ended up downloading the jar manually and will give it a shot. But, that did the trick! It recognized it without even needing to be re-included.

Thanks for the help, greatly appreciated!

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good work Brian! :+1: