Z-wave Everspring Motion Sensor HSP02-0 showing as unknown device

This motion sensor has initialized but is showing as unknown. I’m guessing that it’s not in the device database.

In Things it shows

However there is no corresponding item. Is there anything else required to have this added to the database?

The device is not currently in the database so needs adding. Please take a look at the information on the database page.

The device is here.

Will my local database automatically update once it’s added or will I need to take some steps to make it work?

No, it won’t update automatically - you will need to update to the latest snapshot of the zwave binding once its merged into the nightly build.

Is there a place to put the device XML file so I don’t have to change from the stable to nightly build?

No. The database is compiled into the binding.

Hi Chris,

Firstly thanks for your work on this binding. It’s worked well so far for me :slight_smile:

I’ve just received an Everspring SP816 outdoor motion sensor. The binding picks it up as an unknown device. As a newbie with Z-wave motion sensors I’m not sure how to proceed. The model is in the database in the binding documentation. Could you please help?

Many thanks

Wake it up and make sure you are on a recent zwave binding … and here are more hints: