Z wave integration by any Other way

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I want to integrate my Z wave network with OH2 running on my network. I have read the integration notes of Z-wave binding, but it requires a Z-wave stick which is not available here in India (With Legal India Freqancy - other US/UK modules are available), so is there any other way with which I can Integrate my existing Z wave with OH?

A Z-Wave network requires a controller if you are going to use it for more than just connecting devices as peers. There is no other way for IpenHAB or any other software to control a Z-Wave network without a controller.
The Z-Wave system is divided into worldwide regions based on what frequencies are legal to be used.
Using Z-Wave equipment designed for a different region in India is illegal and cannot be discussed on this forum.


Maybe you can buy a ZMEEUZB: https://z-wave.me/uzb/ (=available in EU and also UK)

and changing frequency for India (to 865.2 MHz), with this tool: https://z-wave.me/download/ZMESerialUpdater.tgz

Using this manual: https://z-wave.me/zmeserialupdater-manual/

or using this script: https://z-wave.me/download/changezwf.sh

You can buy it here: amazon.in (it’s around 70 EUR or 77 US $, but maybe you have friends or relatives in UK? = price: ~ 29 £ )

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Hi,@ Bruce_Osborne
I already have a controller and I already have the whole setup, the only thing Zwave lacks is poor control over media so wanted to use openhab for that, so I am using a leagal controller only but it is not supported by openhab.

@chris could best say how to get the the controller supported with the binding.

Thanks for finding one out, I will definately give it a try.

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All controllers are exactly the same - they all come from Silabs (or Sigma - Silabs bought Sigma last year) and they all work exactly the same (unless you have one of the newest Silabs 700 series which will not work).

What controller do you have?

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I have the controller from a US based company Hogar controls- The name of the controller is HC pro -version 1. It’s chipset is linkit smart

Hogar also have a usb controller, I think I should give it a go!!! The Other controller I mentioned earlier doesn’t connect directly to the pi running OH, so I tried using USB to USB connector, but that didn’t work.

It seems to be a Smarthome Hub. Is it this?

The HC Plus is Z-Wave Plus but only handles up to 60 devices?
I thought the Z-Wave specification limit was higher than that. Sounds suspicious to me…
The main way to integrate with a hub like that would be if it supports MQTT.

All ZWave devices use the same chipset (well, there are now 3 or so generations, but from a controller perspective they are all the same with the same API).

This device should be the same unless this company has effectively created a gateway which sits between the ZWave chip and the outside world, this exposing a different API (as boxes like Vera, or the Fibaro Homecentre do).

Yes, exactly

So which way should I go?


But it is a Smarthome Hub (~Gateway) like Vera or Fibaro Homecentre or Wink Hub! They could be running as serial Z-Wave Controller with Openhab??? I don’t think so!

Well in this case can I add the Hogar’s hub as a secondary controller to this usb controller via openHAB ?

For Z-Wave with OpenHAB something like this in roue Linux server should work.


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That was exactly my proposal… :wink:

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But can I add the previous controller as secondary to this via oH? Because this alone won’t be able to creat the network for a 3000 sq feet House.

Any mains powered Z-Wave device usually also acts as a Z-Wave repeater. There are also some devices sold that are solely repeaters.
I am using a mains powered light switch as a repeater in my house. My plugin sockets also act as repeaters, I hope to extend the range outside my house to a receptacle that is located in the front yard of my house.