Z-Wave MULTILEVEL_SENSOR command class broken in build 1415

Please be aware that the MULTILEVEL_SENSOR command is broken in the latest build (1415). This impacts temperature, humidity, luminance, etc. readings received via the MULTILEVEL_SENSOR command class. Readings received using this command class are not being processed by the binding.

If you have devices that produce this command class (thermostats, sensors, etc.) you might want to avoid upgrading until this is fixed.

@chris I left some comments on your most recent PR.

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This should hopefully be resolved.

I’ll try it out as soon as the build finishes. I’m pretty sure this will fix it. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

@chris Are you able to kick off a build of openHAB-Distribution?

There was a test failure - I’ve just fixed it and am waiting for CI to run before I kick off another build.

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CI passed and the build is running.

Did you merge the PR with the test fixes? :wink:

This is working again in build 1417.

Thanks @chris

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