Z-Wave Problem in OH 2.2 #1098

After updating OH to #1098 Z-Wave stopped working.
Things were shown as online - but nothing works.
The one thing that looks wrong are the port-settings in Paper UI:

Even after removing and adding the controller the ports were displayed twice…

Any idea? @chris maybe?

Odd, I have been having problems with z-wave the last few days (items taking 25 mins to update) and #1098 just fixed all my problems

What was the previous version you were using?

There was a change in either ESH (I think) or possibly OH itself to add some serial port selection. I don’t think this should change the way the binding works, but it should (I think) just provide a list of ports in PaperUI.

I’ve not tested this myself since the change was made to the configuration contexts, but I agree it doesn’t look right.

This change was made to a lot of bindings at the same time, so if it is related, I would expect to see this error show up on other bindings as well.

Like you I do see a double entry for the port being used, but it doesn’t seem to have any negative effects

I should add, there haven’t been any/many significant changes to the binding code for quite a while (ie a few months)…

What does Habmin report for the port being used?

The change was made on the server side, so HABmin should do the same thing as PaperUI, but it’s an interesting question.

There are another report that sounds like it could be the same -:

I suspect it’s not a ZWave issue but something more fundamental.

I just upgraded to build 1098. And although I am using the Zwave Security testing binding (thus no paper ui settings), I did notice that after first stopping OH2, upgrading to build 1098, and restarting that my zwave devices did not work.

But after another stop of OH2 and a reboot of my Server, my Zwave devices are working.

It’s nothing to do with PaperUI - HABmin will do the same thing as it’s the server config descriptions that are changed…

That said…

I don’t think I’ve updated the config descriptions to add the serial context, so it should impact PaperUI or HABmin.

I just confirmed that if the problem is related to the serial port change, then the context has not been changed in the test binding so it won’t affect that version.

It seems that indeed the doubled display of the port has nothing to do with my problem.
In the configurationfile the port is correct saved.
And other bindings (knx, harmony…) are making the same problems for me after the latest update.

Yes, and there is also a workaround: