Z Wave ZW120-c missing in database

Hi Team…

Need a clue to move on.

Stuck with a zw120-C Door/windows sensor Gen5 Aeon Labs,
which says “Device is not in the database”.

Found this entry with same subject: Zwave - Aeotec ZW120-C not in database?

But as I read this entry, the DB should be updated, so my device
should be recognised? To old version of OpenHab2 ? Version ?

It also says, that the database entry is not needed to move forward.
But then I must setup up the device and define all its functions, or ??

Bit info:


Openhab 2

Z stick Gen 5

ZW120-C Door window sensors Gen5

In Paper UI:

Z-Wave Serial Controllerl is green and looks ok.

Z-Wave Node 2 is green and online – but says unknown device,
Device not in database…


The device is in the database, but maybe you have one with a slightly different ID. Suppliers tend to use a number of different IDs so we need to know what yours are.

If you take a look in HABmin the device attributes should show the type/id - we ned to know this information.

These values:


Sorry - this doesn’t have the information. I need the type and id - these should also be displayed.

However, it’s also possible that the device hasn’t completed initialiation since the version is showing 0. Please make sure it’s woken up a few times, and that there’s a node2.xml file in the userdata/zwave folder.

hmmm… I can see there is no node2.xml file… only a node1.
I have now tried to remove the ZW120-C from the controller. Then Openhab shows ‘offline’ for node 2’. And then reconnect - and the same… unknow device.

I do believe I have followed the manual exactly ;-)… Will take a look again tomorrow.

But, has anyone experience with the OH2, z-stick Gen5 and ZW120-C ?

Does any one know, if there exist a tool, so I from a mac can plugin the zStick and see if that one believes the node is configured correctly ? (I haven’t been able to google anything).

Make sure that you wake up the device a few times with it close to the controller - the device needs to be woken up a few times so that the binding can download all the data. This must be done in close proximity to the controller.

I have a ZW120 here and it is working fine. If yours doesn’t work, then please ensure that you get a debug log so we can see what’s not working.

HI Team

I now got the “ZW120 Door/Window sensor Gen5” registered
inside OpenHab – Paper UI . when I ‘remove’ the magnet, I get an event in the
event.log file, so I guess the configuration are all well. The configuration
trick was, that after following the instructions, then do it again, this time
with the controller in “SerialAPI-Mode”.
Now it is working. Thanks for the help and support.

And this takes me to the next challenge. How to get the right text
displayed in the UI/sitemap.

I only get either 1 or 0 or On or OFF.

I had hoped that I could use a map to translate these
values into ‘Åben’ and ‘Lukket’… but I’m getting ignored by the system !!!

So, can I get a clue on what to change ?

Bathroom_BinarySensor “Badeværelse

2016-12-27 14:10:30.498 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] -
Bathroom_BinarySensor changed from NULL to ON

2016-12-27 14:10:30.635 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] -
Bathroom_BinarySensor changed from ON to OFF

Shows 1 and 0 in UI.

Bathroom_BinarySensor “Badeværelse

Shows ON and OFF in UI.

Number Bathroom_BinarySensor “Badeværelse [MAP(dk.map):%d]”

2016-12-27 14:12:06.262 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] -
Bathroom_BinarySensor changed from 1 to 0

2016-12-27 14:12:07.338 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] -
Bathroom_BinarySensor changed from 0 to 1

Shows 0 and 1 in UI

Bathroom_BinarySensor “Badeværelse

Shows 0 and 1 in UI

In the Transform folder I have this dk.map file:








Missed the sitemap entry:
Text item=Bathroom_BinarySensor

Thanks /Jørn

How do I change the displayed status value from 0/1 on/off to custom ‘Lukket/Åben’ ?