Zwave - Aeotec ZW120-C not in database?

Hi - I believe I have a new zwave device that is not in the database. I’ve registered at (no edit rights though) and I believe I have located the zwave node.xml file.

Device is of ID 78 and type 2.

I note there is a device ID 78 and type 102 in the database for the ZW120-A - could that be a typo?

@chris do you need to do something, or can I add to database myself somehow?

The ZW120 is in the database - we don’t differentiate between the regional versions.

No - devices often have different IDs - we just need to add yours to the list. I’ll do this tonight hopefully.

Hi - ok, many thanks @chris for the reply.
I’ve downloaded the snapshot just now, but there’s no change (after excluding and re-including device) I’m still running Openhab 1, so using the 1.9.x snapshot from cloudbees.

Thanks in advance for letting me know once the database is updates.

Sorry - I missed the point you were using OH1 - I’ve added it now and it should be in tomorrows binding.

@chris Hi - apologies for the delay, have not had sufficient time to upgrade until now, however, I have done so now, and the device now functions fine and is recognised in Openhab. Many thanks!

As a side note, and to others who encounter similar, I had read elsewhere that excluding and then re-including would be necessary for the device to properly work. My experience was this:
Habmin immediately presented the device correctly, showing config and node information, but in order for the binding to correctly report state changes etc, I needed to exclude and re-include.

Thanks again

Thanks Nick,
You shouldn’t need to exclude and include again. There are two things to possibly do - deleting the thing and adding it will allow the system to pick up the latest definition (which is good for database updates) and if you want to reinitialise as if it was reincluded, then you can select the device, and in the tools menu there’s an option to “Reinitialise device”.


Hi - thanks for the advice.

Does your advice apply to Openhab 1 as well as Openhab 2? Just wondering given your mention of “things”

The first part doesn’t apply to OH1 as there is no ‘thing’ concept and the database isn’t used other than for configuration. The second part should apply, although I forget if there’s a menu option to reconfigure - if you delete the nodeX.xml file and restart the binding, it will do the same thing though.