Z-Way Binding Oberserver does not work - no item updates

Hello, I have a problem with the Z-Way Binding v2.4.0 under Openhab 2.4.0:

Direction OpenHab --> Z-Way works fine!
E.g. when I toggle a switch on my sitemap, the device switches correctly.

Direction Z-Way --> OpenHab does not work!
When I change the state in ZWay Gut or with a physical device (e.g. build-in switch), OpenHab does not receive the state update.

I configured the Z-Way Server:

The OpenHab Connector in ZWay is configured:

The Observer in ZWay does not have entries, maybe this is the problem:

So it looks like updates in Zway are not communicated to OpenHab.
Anybody has an idea??

Topic is still open…
Am I the only one with this problem?

Even I am getting the same issue.
Did you get the success in getting the feedback?

I am having the same issue with z-way v3.2.2 and openhab 3.2 :frowning: